Apex Legends Dev Clarifies Incoming Bug Fix for Mirage’s Decoys

January 5, 2021 10:54 am

Apex Legends has started the new year on a grand note after Respawn Entertainment recently announced the initiation of the Fight Night Collection event from January 5. The update brings heaps of fresh content to the battle royale, along with a slew of balancing changes and bug fixes.

Patch notes for the Fight Night update feature some Legend-centric bug fixes that it will implement. One of these bugs revolves around an issue with Mirage’s decoys not generating footstep audio.

Some in the community suggested that the decoys having footstep audio seemed like a low-key buff, as identifying the real Mirage will become even more challenging. However, a Respawn dev has explained their approach towards addressing the issue, clarifying that it was indeed a bug fix.

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Apex Legends lead game designer breaks down their approach for fixing the issue with Mirage’s decoys not making footstep sounds

An Apex Legends player asked Daniel Klein why the upcoming patch is making the trickster’s decoys’ footsteps audible given that it will impact the legibleness during combat.

The lead game designer replied to the tweet, saying, “Because footsteps are low-level signals. You can listen for them, but they don’t overpower anything else.

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Season 7 of Apex Legends has already seen some issues related to in-game audio and footsteps. Another player raised their concern about the extra audio signals from the decoys’ footsteps piling on the game engine. They inquired if this could lead to a scenario where the real ones get bugged out.

Klein explained this was the very reason decoys have footsteps disabled currently, even though they initially shipped with audible sounds. Concerned about the decoy footsteps contributing to audio bugs, the devs had to turn them off.

We did some work under the hood to make decoy footsteps aggressively fall off with range and also be cut first when there’s too many sounds going on.”

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Now that the devs have found and ironed out the inconsistencies, the bug fix will restore the decoy footstep sounds. They have the lowest priority among other audio sources in the game. If too many sources are generating audio signals at once, the decoy footsteps will be the first ones to get cut off.

Mirage’s abilities are only fruitful in causing distractions or bamboozling the opponent. As a result, his tools and techniques need to improve and evolve constantly. Other players eventually catch onto the trickster’s plays to a point where his tricks no longer work.

Klein’s clarification indicates that Mirage’s decoys intended to have audible footstep sounds all along. This incoming bug fix will bring back an important element that was missing from the bamboozler’s arsenal.

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