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Apex Legends: Dev Confirms Game-Changing Buff For Support Legend

Apex Legends: Dev Confirms Game-Changing Buff For Support Legend

The high-octane gameplay on offer alongside a diverse roster of legends to pick from has made Apex Legends one of the most popular battle royales. Recently, Respawn Entertainment made some important announcements for Apex Legends during the EA Play digital event. The fan-favorite battle royale is not only coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch but will also implement cross-platform play.

EA’s digital showcase also unveiled a trailer for the upcoming Lost Treasures Collection event. There’s more than just limited-time events and cosmetics items coming to the game. The support legend, Lifeline, is going to receive a game-changing buff. The trailer briefly hinted at a rework of Lifeline’s passive ability, and her fans are delighted.

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Lifeline set to receive a buff in Apex Legends

In the trailer, Lifeline speeds into combat to provide backup to a downed Bangalore. However, instead of reviving Bangalore herself, her D.O.C does it. The healing drone deploys its shield wall and releases a cord that Bangalore utilizes to get revived. Meanwhile, Lifeline engages in combat against the enemies who downed her teammate. Although the incident occurs very briefly, nothing escapes the vision of keen-eyed fans.

Now, Design Director for Apex Legends, Jason McCord, has confirmed the upcoming tweak for Lifeline. A fan (@kasey_tc on Twitter) inquired if the support legend could revive two teammates simultaneously, using D.O.C for one while manually picking up the other. The design director responded affirmatively with a “Yup”.

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Lifeline tweak is going to be game-changing

After the tweak, Lifeline will not only have the capability to stay in a fight while reviving a teammate but can also revive two teammates at once. It is up to the player to decide, depending on the situation and their choice. The strategy is a game-changing one if utilized correctly.

One could say Lifeline’s spark has somewhat faded after other legends received significant tweaks with the Season 5 update. Despite complaints of the medic character not being as effective anymore, Lifeline still maintains a top-three spot among the most picked legends. Her unique abilities retain a crucial role for her in most squads.

Respawn has always prioritized timely adjustments to the diverse roster of legends, keeping the gameplay balanced. With the latest buff, the support legend will justify the “Combat Medic” tag for her passive ability. Lifeline will stand out from the others as nobody else can revive downed teammates, and actively take part in combat at the same time. The update for Lost Treasures Collection hits the servers on June 23, and fans are eager to jump in as Lifeline.

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