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Apex Legends: Devs Confirm Major Legend Buff In Upcoming Event

Apex Legends: Devs Confirm Major Legend Buff In Upcoming Event

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is craking forward with Season 5 and the fans are loving every bit of it. Recently, Respawn Entertainment announced the much-awaited cross-play feature and that the title was coming to Nintendo Switch. Along with this, they also announced the latest upcoming event named “Lost Treasures.” The EA Play Live gave us several hints at what comes next. 

We were definitely glad about the direction Respawn Entertainment has chosen for the future of Apex. Since the beginning of Season 5, we have been treated to an absolute carnivalesque atmosphere. With Loba in the scene now, the other Legends might feel a bit weak. Recently we learned that Lifeline will be getting a buff.

Thanks to a timely tweet by design director Jason McCord, we now know that Octane will also be receiving a buff today. The Lost Treasures event is perhaps going to do more for these Legends than we initially expected.

Octane to be buffed in Apex Legends

Octane is one of those underrated characters who does not get much appreciation. Despite his abilities, Octane has always faced issues. Players generally love picking Octane as their main as most of it has to do with health. Players don’t essentially want to sacrifice our health for mobility. However, with these new buffs, perhaps he is about to be balanced out. 

We cannot be exactly sure about what kind of buff it will be. However, the developers have given us some hints about what kind of buff Octane is going to get. Even though the developers are being somewhat coy about it, it is still better than nothing.

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The Lost Treasures 

The event will start on June 23rd and will go on until July 7th. During this period, we are definitely going to see a lot of changes, especially with respect to buffs and nerfs. For instance, the Lifeline buff is something which might be recalibrated. The same goes for Octane. 

Developers are keeping the door open for the unknown as they do not want to jump into something definitive. The community response is key to these things. Trading health to move faster is one of the issues that definitely need to be worked on when it comes to Octane. 

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