Apex Legends: Devs Discuss Bugs Affecting New Event

July 2, 2020 8:51 pm

Apex Legends Season 5 came with a new legend, Loba. However, with the latest Lost Treasures event, Loba has been having a lot of problems with her teleportation. This was prevalent on the World’s Edge map. This isn’t the first time World’s Edge received criticism for bugs. The consistency with Loba’s teleportation started acting up since this new event.

Jason McCord, design director at Respawn, clarified a few of these issues. A discussion on Reddit r/apexlegends by u/KingDududu exposed this flaw that players were facing. A video posted there shows us that Loba uses her bracelet multiple times, and yet she doesn’t teleport, not even short distance. 

This problem is not just faced by one person, or just on one map. It has been happening at Kings Canyon too. Several players have uploaded videos of how the teleportation is not working at all. People kept wondering what the issue was. Thanks to the developers, we now have an idea about what is going wrong. 

Apex Legends Lost Treasures affecting Loba’s teleportation

Players using Loba were not being able to use the ability, not even once in the game, which became quite frustrating.  

Jason McCord explained the reason behind this and said, “If you’re curious, we create giant volumes (triggers) around the cliffs on the maps to stop players from staying up there. You’ll see the out of bounds warnings if you land in these places.” 

He also agreed to the fact that the devs added a bug, “However, we introduced a bug in the Lost Treasures patch where her bracelet fails a lot more often but only in Worlds Edge. How?” He mentions how the triggers are map specific. 

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A solution crafted out to improve the situation

Jason concluded the thread by mentioning that they have two options at the moment. Ungrouping the triggers, or getting a code fix. Ungrouping would create a lot of unnecessary issues with the maps. Thus, the best thing to do is implement the fix. 

He reassured that this problem wouldn’t be happening at Kings Canyon anymore. Although, for World’s Edge, they need about a week’s time. “Realistically, middle of next week, we will ship out the fix.” 

Open communication with the community and explaining the problem, finding its root cause – this is what the devs went with, and it worked brilliantly. 

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