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Apex Legends: Devs Finally Announce Major Feature

Apex Legends: Devs Finally Announce Major Feature

Apex Legends

Apex Legends just dropped one of the biggest announcements the fans could expect. After Season 5 and Loba, we were wondering what Respawn would do to surprise us. Thankfully, they came up with a ‘better late than never policy’ with regards to crossplay. Respawn officially announced at EA Play Live 2020 that Apex will now be available on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

When it comes to cross-platform play, some games have the upper hand. Apex, however, have figured out the proper way to go about it. This opens a lot of scope for fans as this game will be available to several more. Thus, we all are waiting for Fall 2020. 

The other aspect where Apex Legends lead by example is the changes and the new events they are bringing in. For long, we had been hearing that the game is dying. However, in light of recent events, it seems the game has come back to life with new vigor.

Apex Legends introduces cross-play 

The tweet from the official page said “Ready up, it’s go time⁠—EA Play Live starts now! Be sure to tune in to find out what’s on the horizon for Apex Legends.” Soon after, Brad Pettigrew, gave us a comprehensive idea about what the Lost Treasures event would be. 

With the advent of cross-play, we can be confident that Apex Legends is on its way to retain its former glory. To think, only six months ago, this game was the best multiplayer experience. However, when it comes to criticism, fans have been ruthless with their remarks.

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Season 5, new event, and more players

 With all that’s going on in Apex right now, we can be sure that the fan base will increase. Nintendo Switch is one platform that has plenty of eager players wanting the battle royale experience. Cross-play allows them to join up with players from other platforms, too (Xbox, PS). Season 5 of Apex Legends is thus shaping up to be one of the best ever.

With respect to the new event, Brad Pettigrew, gave a comprehensive view of “Lost Treasures.”Nevertheless, the event will run for a limited time. The bigger announcement is definitely the introduction of cross-play. What are your thoughts about it?

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