Apex Legends: Devs Speak up on Crossplay Issues

July 27, 2020 9:20 pm

Come this fall, Apex Legends is bringing some huge updates, some of which were discussed in the EA PLAY Live showcase, not so long ago. Among all the updates, the announcement about the addition of crossplay created a lot of buzz. Respawn Entertainment also announced that the game is going live on multiple platforms, from Nintendo Switch to Steam. As exciting as that is for players who have waited so long to play with their friends, there are concerns too.

As with any competitive game, PC gamers versus console matchmaking has been a nightmare for both parties. Technically, a keyboard, mouse, and a better frame-rate gives PC players an advantage over the others. Naturally, it is heavily frowned upon by console users. Fortnite provides aim-assist for controllers and that has been subject to some heated debates. It is obvious that competitive gameplay and unfair crossplay don’t exactly work well.

Previously, Fortnite’s position on crossplay too has been questioned but the silence was all we got.

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What is Apex Legends saying about the problem?

What might be a sigh of relief for many, Apex hasn’t been very silent about the issue. They have gone on record to say players will not face any difficulties, regardless of their platform.

Software engineer Jake Smullin from Respawn Entertainment published a TikTok video where he speaks about the issue of PC versus console;

“Wanted to clear something up about Apex Legends cross-play. You will only be in PC crossplay lobbies if you have a PC player on your team.

“Have been seeing lots of console players worrying about this, but don’t. Everyone should be excited. So no more ‘not crossplay, PC is gonna dominate us’.”

That clears up all the mess right away. Console players will only be matched with PC players if they opt for it. So, playing for fun is not ruined and competitive games go on just fine! Cheerio!


Source– https://wccftech.com/apex-legends-crossplay-only-includes-pc-if-youve-got-a-pc-player-on-your-team/

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