Apex Legends: Distinguish Between the Real Mirage and His Decoys Using These Steps

Published 10/11/2020, 12:20 PM EDT

Since the inception of Apex Legends, Mirage has established himself as the ultimate trickster. He is an offensive legend with abilities entirely based around decoys that lets him distract and confuse enemies.


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The Holographic Trickster had a tough start to life in the Apex Games, as he was languishing in legends’ bottom tiers. However, a Season 5 rework instilled even more bamboozling abilities into Mirage. The changes definitely added more depth to his gameplay, boosting him up to the higher tiers.


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One does not simply want to encounter a Mirage on the battlefield and hear those words “You got bamboozled”. However, Forexz has a few easy steps to avoid getting tricked when you do come across one.


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Few steps to distinguish between Mirage and his decoys in Apex Legends

Redditor Forexz came up with a few convenient methods that help differentiate the real Mirage from his decoys when the trickster uses his Life of the Party ultimate.

The first method involves spotting Emitter Lights and Flicker. Use this technique when the opponent pops the ultimate ability in close proximity.

  • You can track the real Mirage by following the lights that activate when the animation for his ultimate begins.
  • An alternative to the Emitter Lights is spotting the Flicker. The real Mirage flickers for a longer duration than the decoys when starting the ultimate.

The second method involves hearing the footsteps. Use this technique with or after the previous one, or if the opponent didn’t activate the ultimate in your line of sight.

  • The decoys from Mirage’s tactical and ultimate abilities don’t make any footsteps. The real one does, so focus on that and follow him.

The third method involves spotting holstered weapons. Use this technique in conjunction with previous methods. This one is effective when the enemy is trying to mask their footsteps by crouching, or acting as a stationary decoy or running into a wall.

  • The real Mirage has secondary weapons holstered on his back or thigh. Meanwhile, the decoys from the ultimate don’t replicate this.

The player also listed a couple of extra ways that help distinguish the real Mirage further.

  • The aim assist on consoles tracks the real trickster, ignoring his decoys.


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  • Only the real Mirage has his Trophy Heirloom equipped on his back when not in use. Meanwhile, both the ultimate and tactical decoys don’t replicate this either.

How to find the real Mirage in a few easy steps | Read Description in the comments (Headphones recommended) from apexlegends


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Thanks to Forexz, even more players will now know how to expose the real Holographic Trickster. The Redditor’s main intention was to bring these to devs’ attention so that they can fix these tells about Mirage’s ultimate. These methods seem pretty convenient to focus on and utilize even in intense gunfights.


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