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Apex Legends: Fans Livid as Top Players Team Up to Cheat

Apex Legends: Fans Livid as Top Players Team Up to Cheat

Apex Legends is a game that has had a fairly smooth sailing in its lifespan. Unfortunately, recent times have not been so kind to Respawn Entertainment. The SBMM debate took a turn for the worst, giving rise to some toxicity in the community, while the recent update results in a few hours of major issues. To their credit, the devs have dealt with it well, especially in light of the recent global crisis.

When it comes to bugs and issues in a game, devs can fix it fairly easily. They have full control over how to deal with it. But what when the problem is related to their players’ behavior? Dishonest conduct from the players is not something that is easy to deal with. Unfortunately, Respawn Entertainment has something of this nature on its hands from the looks of it.

A different breed of cheaters in Apex Legends

Over the course of last week, certain players in the top tier of ranked mode have experienced something strange. Instead of having to battle a squad of three legends, they have had to fight a squad of six.

No, that is not a result of any glitch or bugs in the game; it’s simply because the very top-ranked players in Apex Legends are teaming up with enemy squads to ensure they finish well in the game.

Prominent among those dishonest players are the current number 1 and 2 players, Xynoa and Skittles.

Check out some of the video evidence uploaded online by users.

6 Predators Teaming on Xbox. Take action immediately so legit players can earn a rightful spot. Multiple of them are even top 10. One threatened to boot me offline. More below. from apexlegends

And another one.

The #1 and #2 Apex predators Xynoa and Skittles caught 6 man teaming on EU servers from apexlegends

After several videos surfaced online of the two players teaming with enemy squads, the community erupted with anger. Many voiced their discontent over the fact, which soon caught the attention of Respawn Entertainment.

Senior designer at respawn, Chin Xiang Chong, took to Twitter to assure fans that they will take action against such acts of cheating.

Not only are these guys cheating, but they’re also quite toxic in their communication. They may be ranked among the very best in the game, but they obviously do not deserve it.

Let’s hope respawn takes swift action against these cheats and restores order in the game.

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