Apex Legends: Fight Night Cinematic Featuring Pathfinder is One of the Finest Lore Episodes

December 31, 2020 9:42 am

Apex Legends dropped the latest episode from its Stories from the Outlands series, ending an eventful year with a blast. Titled ‘Fight Night‘, the new animated cinematic sheds some light on the genesis of everyone’s favorite robot Pathfinder and the events that led to his arrival in the Apex Games.

Even though the video centers on Pathfinder, it also reveals some interesting details about some Legends in Apex as well as other characters. The latest cinematic from Respawn Entertainment builds on the BR’s lore further and answers some questions. But in the process, it also raises some new ones.

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This episode of Stories from the Outlands takes us to a city named Malta where we meet ex-police lieutenant Victor Maldera. After the police force discharged him under disreputable circumstances of his investigation surrounding a fire at Humbert Labs, he now works as a restaurant’s security guard. The police deemed the case an accident despite Maldera being unequivocal that Alexander Nox, better recognized as Caustic by Apex fans, was the primary suspect.

The coroner had determined that Nox was among the casualties in the fire, causing Maldera to assault him. The ex-lieutenant also had an intoxicated altercation with his commanding officer. This lead to his dismissal from the Malta police force. Time has moved on, but Maldera’s obsession of pursuing Nox, who he feels is still alive, certainly hasn’t.

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Latest Apex Legends animated short reveals one of Pathfinder’s creator’s identity, indicates how he incorporated his abilities into his kit

While working as a waiter at the restaurant, Pathfinder finds himself involved in an incident in which an assailant ends up shooting themselves. Acting as the security guard, Victor Maldera takes in Pathfinder for interrogation and accesses the robot’s internal memory archives. However, the ex-cop discovers crucial evidence in the form of a video clip showing Nox’s escape from the wreckage of Humbert Labs. This is irrefutable proof that Nox had caused the fire, and Maldera was right all along.

(Image Credits: Apex Legends – YouTube)

Pathfinder’s memory files also briefly showcased several vital events from the Apex Legends storyline. These moments include the destruction of the planet Typhon and Revenant’s assassination of Loba’s parents. However, among those memories, the clip showing a character named Dr. Amelie P. is the most interesting and anticipated one, perhaps.

(Image Credits: Apex Legends – YouTube)

Speaking to Pathfinder in a French accent, Dr. Amelie P. says, “We made you for a great purpose“. This confirms she was one of Pathfinder’s creators, and it sheds light on his purpose. Based on her last name’s initial and accent, Apex fans have theorized a relation between Wattson and her.

The rest of the cinematic is action-packed, as a crime syndicate is after Pathfinder. Despite hijacking an airship to make their escape, the ex-cop and robot’s duo end up being chased by the mobsters and Spectres. Pathfinder quickly grasps the combat by observing his new companion and their enemies in the act. It indicates how he eventually incorporated his abilities into his kit and gameplay. Ultimately, with some teamwork, the duo defeats the pursuing mobsters.

(Image Credits: Apex Legends – YouTube)

The animated trailer ends by showing what appears to be the beginning of Pathfinder’s journey into the Apex Games. Overall, ‘Fight Night’ is definitely one of the most detailed and enjoyable lore episodes from Respawn yet.

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