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Apex Legends: Final Quest Teases New Character New Map and Titanfall Hints

Apex Legends: Final Quest Teases New Character New Map and Titanfall Hints

Season 5 of Apex Legends will soon come to an end after almost 9 weeks of gameplay. We were introduced to a new character, Loba, and a whole new series of quests. This season brought Loba to the Outlands to seek revenge on Revenant for killing her parents. But before she could do so, Revenant’s head was teleported to an unknown location. Hence began her quest to locate it.

Apex Legends Season 5 Broken Ghost Story

This was a personal quest Loba was on. The actual Season 5 quest was about restoring an artifact called ‘The Broken Ghost.’ Loba called in a meeting of all the legends to tell them about this particular artifact. Parts of the artifact were scattered in the King’s Canyon from another dimension. The team grows suspicious of Loba’s intentions and finds out she has been hiding something. The team had also decided to let the quest be a secret from Revenant but there was a mole among them.

Bangalore then decides to do some digging on what Loba was hiding and confronts her when she finds out. Loba then discloses that the artifact is wanted by Hammond Robotics, and in exchange, they’ll give her the location of Revenant’s head. It is later revealed that Caustic was the one who betrayed the team and gave away the plans to Revenant.

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Season 6 teasers/hints

After the last quest, you are able to play a mission where you enter a vault. You then find a character there who is rumored to be Ash, the antagonist from Titanfall 2. You then proceed to restore her head which brings her back to life. Take a look

At this point, the character you brought to life says “The path ends here. Welcome to Olympus.”

Olympus was a map teased before season 4, in case you didn’t already know.

This is not all. It was also rumored that the new season will feature a new legend that could most likely be Ash.

This was the final quest of the season and there are no more missions left. This is why it is all the more important. This may be the big reveal we were waiting for, or there could be more. There are just a few weeks left for the season to end and we’ll have our answer soon enough.

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