Apex Legends: How to Unlock Bangalore Skin, Alternator Skin, and Other Exciting Rewards for Free

Published 06/09/2021, 6:55 AM EDT

Season 9 of Apex Legends has been out for quite some time now and has received a mixed response from the players. Even though the game looks brilliant in terms of content, there is an abundance of cheaters and hackers.


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Having said that, Respawn Entertainment is trying its best to keep the community engaged and happy. The best way to do so is free rewards, and the developer certainly recognizes it.

Watch the Apex Legends Global Series Championship to earn exclusive rewards


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With the Legacy update, Apex Legends introduced the Community Created cosmetic category. Every week, players must watch some Twitch streamers for a combined total of 1 hour to unlock a brand-new loading screen.


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Here are the streamers you can watch this week to unlock the Community Created Loading Screen.

The Apex Legends Global Series Championship is live at the moment, and Respawn Entertainment has come up with the perfect motivation for players to watch it.

Upon watching the tournament for certain hours, they’ll be able to unlock these items:

  • Copperhead Alternator: 1 hour
  • Ocean Spear Bangalore: 2 hours
  • Let’s Go Holospray: 3 hours
  • Champion charm: 4 hours

Lastly, the brand-new Sakura Steel Revenant skin will be available from July 13 for Twitch prime members. To claim this skin, they must link their Prime Gaming account to the game.

Matchmaking and bug fixes coming soon

Players around the world have been complaining about the matchmaking issues in Apex Legends for a long time. Apparently, during duos and trios, they were getting matched with no teammates.

Apex Legends’ Director of Communications has claimed that the upcoming 9.1 patch will entirely fix this bug. This update will most probably arrive in the end of June. The Director admitted that the matchmaking problems have been frustrating, and fixing them has taken more time than expected.


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There’s another bug that happens with Gibraltar. Sometimes, when players slide inside his shield and throw an Arc-star, it gets stuck on the outside boundary of the bubble. The developers already know about this glitch and have started working to fix this too.

YouTuber Omega talked about the current state of Apex Legends in a recent video.


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All in all, it seems like Respawn is finally listening to the community’s feedback and working accordingly. With the desired bug fixes, free rewards, and some effective measures to tackle the hackers/cheaters, the Battle Royale title will certainly be more enjoyable than ever.

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