Apex Legends Leak Suggests Arena Game Mode is in the Works

October 19, 2020 2:35 am

Throughout the journey of Apex Legends, players have experienced a wide variety of game modes. Although limited to certain events, these game modes have become a trademark of Respawn’s BR. Now, data-mined intel has emerged, revealing a new mode is in the works.

The Apex community’s reliable data miner, Shrugtal, makes us privy to this leaked information. So far, players have relished the opportunity to jump into many unique LTMs as part of seasonal events. But now, it appears Respawn has been working on an entirely new ‘Arena’ game mode.

A long-awaited Arena game mode for Apex Legends could finally be on the way

Data miners have been sweeping the game files ever since the Aftermarket patch went live. Shrugtal recently uncovered some code added to the updated game files that support UI slots on the main “Play” menu for a new “Arena” mode. However, at the moment, it is unclear what this Arena mode will entail and when it might arrive in Apex Legends.

The data miner shed light on some speculations about the potential game mode. He noted it’s possible Respawn is planning to incorporate the newly added Flashpoint LTM’s healing mechanics into a ‘smaller arena-sized squads mode.’

Ideally, players could quickly warm up in this Arena mode before jumping into a battle royale game. It would allow players to train themselves properly and provide a fresh alternative to the traditional battle royale style.

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Shrugtal further pointed out that the return of Skull Town could also be on the cards, considering developers have expressed their desire to bring the fallen POI back in some form. Therefore, he suggested the possibility of a map exclusive to Skull Town featuring a handful of squads.

At this moment, only so much information is available about the potential Arena game mode. It’s too early to predict a definite time frame for its arrival. However, one certain thing is Respawn has a lot of content lined up for the future.

Apex Legends is going to be jam-packed with constant action until Christmas. For now, we have to wait and watch when this new mode arrives and what it brings.

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