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Apex Legends: Most Underrated Weapons in Season 6

Apex Legends: Most Underrated Weapons in Season 6

The sixth season of Apex Legends went live a few weeks ago and kicked off the action in the Apex Games. The addition of a new legend, Rampart, and an energy weapon, Volt, has undoubtedly elevated the competition. The game has also witnessed a shift in the meta with the several changes that were made this season.

Apex Legends boasts of a wide variety of powerful weapons. A handful of those constitute the topmost tier of firearms because of their effectiveness in gunfights and versatility. Certain weapons are not as highly regarded but can turn out to be just as valuable when used properly.

Thanks to an insightful YouTube video by Alarmix, players now have an insight into five of the most underrated weapons in Apex Legends Season 6.

Top 5 underrated weapons in Apex Legends Season 6

5. Spitfire

In the Season 6 update, the Spitfire received improved recoil controllability. Although that doesn’t count as a proper buff, where this weapon has excelled is in mid-range combat. Being an LMG, the Spitfire has a massive magazine size and also a 2x headshot multiplier. Moreover, with the introduction of Rampart to the roster, LMGs can now have larger magazine sizes and faster reload times.

Coupled with a 2x HCOG Bruiser and a barrel stabilizer, the Spitfire becomes a devastating weapon as it already has high damage per shot. However, since it’s an LMG, it also massively lacks strafing speed while ADS-ing. Another disadvantage of this weapon is the iron sight, which blocks a significant amount of vision.

4. Charge Rifle

To unlock this sniper rifle’s true potential, one needs a scope with high magnification. Also, the Charge Rifle is built exclusively for long-distance gunfights and not for close or mid-range. Being an energy weapon, one does not have to lead their shots even while shooting at opponents in the air, who might be on jump pads, ziplines, and balloons. This weapon is unique in its own way as it functions like a hit-scan weapon.

The Charge Rifle is excellent for draining enemy resources. One can remain far away from the enemy and keep inflicting damage on them, gradually making them run out of healing items. However, without a decent scope or enough distance between the player and their opponent, the Charge Rifle is ineffective as hip-firing is not among its strengths.

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3. G7 Scout

As the seasons have progressed in Apex Legends, players have settled for weapons that use heavy and energy ammo. It seems this semi-automatic light marksman rifle has been long forgotten. The G7 Scout has a maximum magazine size of 20 bullets with each body shot doing roughly 30 damage. To top it off, one can fire this weapon precisely at medium ranges.

It is easy to find light ammo now, so one does not have to worry about running out of bullets. The G7 Scout fulfills the role of a DMR and can be used for draining the resources of opponents. This weapon can also be used to catch enemies off-guard. Landing a couple of headshots here is crucial to securing a knock.

2. Havoc

The Havoc with the right attachments is a game-changer. The new season updated this energy-based assault rifle with a more consistent recoil pattern, making it easier to control. Without any attachments, the Havoc is not the best choice as one must charge it before shooting with it. However, with a turbocharger and an extended energy mag, this weapon has a very high DPS and the fastest time-to-kill.

Energy ammo is already in high demand this season, and finding the right attachments for Havoc is quite a rare occurrence. Thus, this weapon can often turn out to be inconsistent. The potential on offer is sky-high otherwise. One has to make sure they have enough energy ammo and the attachments to unleash this beast.

1. RE-45

Due to its fast fire rate, this pistol has fulfilled the role of a mini R-99. This fully automatic pistol has a high rate of fire and also allows speedier movement while ADS-ing. As the seasons have progressed in Apex Legends, players have become accustomed to using low magazine capacity weapons efficiently. Thus, with some practice, the small magazine size won’t really matter.

The ideal way to use this weapon is to take advantage of the fast strafing. One can come out of cover while strafing, unload a magazine on the opponent, and then quickly strafe back into cover once again. Moreover, the bullet spread is compact, even without a barrel stabilizer. Overall, the RE-45 is a massively underrated weapon and often misses out on the affection it deserves.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEQeopf2nBk]


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