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Apex Legends: New Bugs Found In The Lost Treasures

Apex Legends: New Bugs Found In The Lost Treasures

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 5 just started off with their latest event. The Lost Treasures will come with hidden blessings for every Legend. The developers delivered some much needed nerfs and buffs. The community was looking forward to how they work with Lifeline and Octane. So far, everything seems pretty well balanced. 

However, recently, after the new patch, players started experiencing some bugs. One of which specifically dealt with Wraith. The new Marble Goddess skin, which looks absolutely stunning, is creating some issues. This was the primary issue, Wrath’s hit-box not registering.

Some other issues which surfaced were – “Audio Bug, seriously this is still an issue happening on consoles, I’ve already tagged you guys 5 times in different posts with no response.” One of the tweets mentioned this, which was followed by several others. So, the issues are popping out of nowhere after the patch update. The devs have already announced a hotfix, which will try to focus on these.

Apex Legends new event is plagued with bugs

The developers were pretty open about the changes they were bringing. On Twitter, several questions about Octane was answered. However, the community did not expect that the skins would come with bugs. The latest update about the hotfix said, “We have deployed a hotfix to bring her hitbox back to its regular state, but a client patch is required to resolve the false-positive blood splatter.”

Remember the last time shots were not getting registered? The hotfix given by the devs for that did help the situation, so we are expecting this will too. 

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Fans, still have a polarized view about the game

This is something that has been going on for a while. It is not in the most general sense, but the fans have been expressing their discontent. One of the problems which kept bugging the players had to do with Skill Based Match Making. Several say that the game is dead even after Season 5 added a new Legend. So what is the issue which is lingering on?

To see it from a gamers perspective, Apex changed a lot of things; it was revolutionary. Thus, our expectations from the game are always more than what it delivered. That does come off with a huge fan base pressure. The best we can do as a community is to address these issues in an open forum. In turn, the devs will take notice, and most definitely make Apex Legends the game we always desired. 

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