Apex Legends: New Update Aims At Fixing Some Annoying Bugs

August 22, 2020 10:06 pm

The Season 6 of Apex Legends brought a host of exciting new changes into the game. However, players had also been experiencing some annoying bugs and glitches since then.

Fortunately, devs have already rolled out the first update of this season, aiming to fix some of these issues. They have also published a list of it on their public Trello board.

Devs are working on more tweaks and fixes for the game, which will roll out in the upcoming weeks.

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What the first update for Apex Legends fixed

The new Season started off as pretty enjoyable. Some even thought it would help it regain its lost popularity. However, some issues were as annoying as they could get.

Hopefully, with the update, things will get back on track.

  • Devs fixed the kill stats tracking for the R99 SMG. Previously, it would not show properly.
  • The glitch that occurred if a player was on Rampart’s turret while someone destroyed it.
  • Devs fixed Rampart’s ‘Boom’ finisher line from playing across the map.
  • Many players reported a glitch that caused Bloodhound’s neck to become elongated while using Rampart turret. While devs have fixed this, they are yet to fix this issue with Lifeline’s Guardian Angel skin.
  • An annoying server error that caused players to get disconnected from the game every time their Rampart lowered her wall.

Besides this, devs published a playlist update with the following changes.

  • An overall decrease in the number of gold helms, gold backpacks, and gold in cap shields in the game.
  • They have reduced the number of Devotion LMGs and Turbochargers that spawn across the map.
  • Devotion nerfs: devs have reduced the recoil for this LMG and reduced the damage. More changes will follow for the weapon.

There are possibly more fixes on the way. In the meantime, we believe these will remove the immediate issues that players are facing. Overall, having faltered somewhat in recent times, it feels like Apex Legends is trying to make a comeback this season.

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