Apex Legends Player Shows an Epic Hiding Spot

December 25, 2020 9:26 pm

A lot of players like to play battle royale games such as Apex Legends, Warzone, and Fortnite. They want to drop at hot locations with high loot and more enemies. Even after that, they keep on moving around, looking for more players to eliminate.

Many players like to gather up as much loot as possible and wait for others to die. They stay inside the zone camping and come out in the last circle. While most players criticize this kind of gameplay, it is a reality. Therefore, players always look for spots they can hide and camp.

Apex Legends subreddits are full of videos that help players find spots to camp in. A recent post on the r/apexuniversity helps players get into a secret hiding spot near the Sorting Factory location.

Hide on top of monitors in Apex Legends while others die

Although it isn’t a popular spot, a lot of players have come across a room near the Sorting Factory location. The room looks like a surveillance/control room with a lot of monitors and big screens. All players need to do to hide is climb on top of these monitors.

As the user shows in the video, players need to line up in front of the set of monitors on the left. They need to climb on top of these by jumping in front of them. Players can either hide in this spot behind these monitors. On the other hand, there are huge electric boxes on top of these monitors.

Players can line up between these two boxes. Look at the side of the box on the right and jump in order to climb on top of it. This lets players have a perfect sight of the door, but those coming in cannot see the ones hiding.

Many users on the subreddit warned that there is a high possibility that players can get stuck behind these monitors. Therefore, they might need to be careful or have the right Agents that make it easy to get out. Players can also use grenades to get out of the spot if they are stuck.

Use this guide to get in this spot or to look out for players hiding in it. Regardless of the kind of battle royale player you are, this guide is definitely going to help you out in the next match of Apex Legends.

Shwetang Parthsarthy

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