Apex Legends Player Shares Some Bamboozle Tips for Mirage in Hilarious Video

January 5, 2021 1:07 am

Every character in Apex Legends has a unique playstyle, which boils down to their passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities. Mirage has always been a fun legend to play since Apex’s inception, especially for the distraction and confusion his decoys can cause.

The Holographic Trickster had to endure a tough start to life in the BR as he was languishing among the weakest legends. However, a few buffs and a rework later, Mirage has gradually become a lot more powerful than his initial state. Most recently, the Season 7 update added more health to his decoys, making his tactical and ultimate more viable tools.

Encountering a Mirage on the battlefield and hearing those words, “You got bamboozled” is an experience all of us would like to avoid. However, for Mirage mains, it is probably one of the most satisfying outcomes in the game.

This hilarious clip from Lavoy1337 provides some valuable tips for using the trickster’s abilities and showcases his true bamboozle potential.

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Apex Legends player shows some useful tips for Mirage’s abilities in a funny clip

The clip posted on the Apex Legends subreddit shows Lavoy1337 maining Mirage at Energy Depot on Olympus. The first tip involves preemptively placing the tactical ability before the opponents emerge and a skirmish ensues. This will send out a decoy that will serve its distraction purpose later on.

The second tip includes activating the trickster’s ultimate ability just when it seems the enemies are around the corner. This will deploy 6 decoys, which is enough to puzzle any player.

However, experienced players can counter Mirage’s tricks with little difficulty because of certain tells. Therefore, after using the ultimate, slowly rotate into the decoy deployed earlier to hide Mirage’s tells and create utter confusion.

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The third tip is rather hilarious and is not recommended. It involves jumping off the Olympus map while throwing another tactical decoy. This step will result in you getting eliminated back to the lobby, but it will also create ultimate bamboozlement for the enemy by making them think even you are a decoy.

Turns out Lavoy1337 intended the hilarious clip as a bamboozle for Mirage mains themselves. However, in the process, they provided some convenient ways to puzzle opponents with the trickster’s abilities. For example, pretending to be a decoy and convincing enemies that you’re not a threat and then shooting them when they are least expecting is a good strategy.

Additionally, the Fight Night update will address an issue with Mirage’s decoys not generating footstep audio. One can only imagine the confusion it brings for enemies if a Mirage player utilizes their powers to the maximum potential.

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