Apex Legends: Ranking All Legends in Season 7

Published 11/23/2020, 4:19 AM EST

The launch of Apex Legends Season 7 treated players to a range of new content. The inclusion of the utopian city of Olympus as a brand new map and Apex Games’ latest competitor, Horizon, has elevated the competition. Besides the exciting additions, several other adjustments and balancing changes have brought about a significant shift in the game’s meta. Therefore, we have compiled our season seven tier list for all the Apex Legends characters.


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D Tier Legends in Apex Legends Season 7


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While no one can deny Rampart’s defensive capabilities, other defensive legends are simply more efficient and better suited for the role. Her ability kit takes quite some time to set up fully despite the reductions it received with the season seven update. Her abilities have devastating potential, but it also requires smart placement. Perhaps it seems Rampart’s kit needs some more work before she progresses into higher tiers.


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C Tier Legends in Apex Legends Season 7

Fun to play legend, but many consider him a selfish character because of the lack of team play utility. His jump pad lets players get to interesting locations, allowing aggressive pushes or a quick escape, depending on the situation. However, Horizon’s tactical serves a similar purpose and much more often. This makes Octane’s jump pad seem weaker.

While Octane’s Stim is useful for being aggressive and getting away, it also damages the player. His passive ability to restore health automatically is doubled now, and that is good. However, when it comes to being a team player, Octane doesn’t have much to offer.

The Holographic Trickster is definitely fun to play, especially for the distraction and confusion he can cause to enemies. Mirage has gradually become a lot better than he used to be, and his decoys now have more health. Besides commanding his clones, he can remain invisible when reviving and respawning teammates.

However, it requires practice to main Mirage, and he often ends up being misused by the average player. Moreover, experienced players can tell the real Mirage from his equally handsome clones with little difficulty. While he has huge potential, he also lacks the utility to support team play.


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B Tier Legends in Apex Legends Season 7

Since the game’s inception, Bangalore has been one of the most consistent and well-balanced Legends. Her Rolling Thunder now explodes faster and is efficient and effective in stalling pushes or taking advantage of a third party out in the open. Bangalore’s smokes are very useful as a repositioning tool as it helps to create a distance from the enemies to either escape or flank.

Besides that, her passive ability gives her a temporary boost in speed. However, it’s not much of a movement-based ability. It boils down to relying on the accurate placements of her smokes and the ultimate ability to disengage from critical situations. Bangalore does have some team play potential, but she’s primarily a repositioning character.

The season seven update handed out a big boost in power to Loba’s loot-based abilities, and thus she finds herself in the B tier. The teleporting thief now has access to as much ammo as she needs. The best part is that her teammates can also get as much ammo as they want, which is definitely helpful in the late game when ammo can become quite an issue.

Apart from her Black Market ultimate, her ability to see Epic and Legendary loot through walls is beneficial for the squad.

Loba’s jump drive bracelet is a decent tactical as it gives her the ability to teleport in or out of situations. Having movement potential to rely on is always useful, even though her bracelet can feel inconsistent at times. Moreover, Loba’s ultimate charges up pretty quickly, meaning everyone in her team can get their ideal loadout during the early game.

B+ Tier Legends

Having her in a squad ensures a better chance of winning the engagements in the endgame. Defensive legends are still appreciated as they help players rank higher despite the change in the game’s meta. However, one has to commit to the defensive play style and set up a suitable position depending on the ring. Wattson’s ultimate ability can shoot down incoming ordnance and also repair shields over time.

Meanwhile, the Static Defender’s tactical fences can secure entire perimeters, stopping enemies from pushing through. Wattson’s passive ability allows her to stack ultimate accelerants and fully charge up her ultimate ability. Overall, Wattson comes in clutch when under threat and helps secure higher placements.

Fighting against Caustic is one of the most frustrating things in the game. Much like Wattson, he is a very dependable legend, especially in the late stages. Engaging against him in buildings or confined spaces is something one must avoid. His tactical gas traps slow down movement speed, deal damage, and can also block doors.

Caustic’s passive makes him immune to the effects of his Nox Gas as well as other Caustics. Moreover, he is able to see his enemies through his own gas. His ultimate creates an even bigger cloud of Nox Gas, making it effective even in open spaces. His gas can also be used as cover to get away or reposition because it doesn’t damage him and his teammates.

Additionally, Caustic also has the Fortified perk, which reduces the incoming damage. Overall, Caustic is a nightmare in confined spaces; however, his abilities become less effective in open areas.

Crypto is a utility-based character. Being a recon Legend, the amount of information he can gather for his team can turn the tide in their favor. He can use his drone to scout areas, ping items, and banners to warn teammates about nearby squads. Moreover, Crypto’s passive ability uses his drone to highlight nearby doors, supply bins, traps, and enemies.

Timing Crypto’s ultimate to perfection is very effective in halting third parties or engaging in fights where players are low on health and sweeping up kills. His drone’s EMP deals shield damage, slows players, and disables traps. Most importantly, the Surveillance Expert can pick up teammates’ banners and respawn them remotely using his drone. This is valuable in getting the team prepped up and alive again after a chaotic situation, especially through the mid-game.

Gibraltar is an excellent legend for new players. Although he has a larger hitbox, he can soak up as much damage as a tank using his Gun Sheild passive and Fortified perk. Moreover, a Gibraltar player can aim people at long range more easily because of the energy shield which deploys and protects his body from incoming fire. If teammates get knocked from a long-range, his tactical dome shield allows them to revive and heal faster by blocking incoming and outgoing bullets.

Gibraltar’s dome shield is also useful as a safe piece of cover while repositioning between locations. One can throw down his bombardment ultimate on fights to create a situation on opponents or use it as a repositioning tool. Overall, Gibraltar has always been a dependable legend.

A Tier Legends in Apex Legends Season 7

Lifeline is the ultimate support Legend in the battle royale. Her ultimate ability is valuable during the early game, as it helps the team gear up with loot from her care packages. She also has access to extra supplies from blue supply bins, but it’s not as useful anymore now that players can craft healing items. Lifeline’s powers come down to her drone.

Her DOC is able to revive teammates in a fight actively. Lifeline can deploy her DOC to deploy a shield and revive her teammate. This leaves her free to engage and defend in combat or revive the other team member. Moreover, the DOC Revive does not have a cooldown. Besides that, her DOC can automatically heal nearby players over time. The usefulness of her healing abilities in combat allows her team to hold on longer and gives them control in fights. Overall, Lifeline is a proper team play legend and combat medic.

Another legend who is frustrating to deal with is Revenant. A well-placed Death Totem is a very effective tool to push third party fights and get easy kills. His totem provides death protection to players who use it. Instead of getting killed or downed, they teleport back to the totem with half health and full shields. Therefore, when things get too heated, the team can also disengage from the situation after dying as shadows.

Apart from that, Revenant’s abilities are not that interesting. His passive allows him to crouch walk faster and climb faster, which is useful in certain situations but not in winning gunfights. His ability to disable some legends’ abilities helps get him an edge over the competition. Overall, Revenant is a strong utility legend but requires good team coordination.

While it’s still early days to know Horizon’s true potential, her abilities support team play. Her ultimate can prove very useful while pushing or engaging in fights. With some team coordination, it can help in a quick squad wipe. Besides that, Horizon’s kit centers on movement-based abilities. Both her passive and tactical join forces to provide Horizon players with a lot of movement and control.

Her tactical works as a makeshift jump pad, allowing the player and their teammates to reach unusual spots. They can also use it to disengage from fights and block certain entrances quickly. Meanwhile, Horizon’s custom spacesuit functions as her passive ability by increasing air control and reducing fall impact.

S Tier Legends

Any recon legend is crucial in a team because knowing the next ring’s location is important in the endgame. Bloodhound can gather a lot of information using their abilities, depending on which the team can decide whether to engage or escape. Bloodhound’s tactical briefly highlights and tracks all enemies, traps, Loot Ticks, and other clues for them and their allies.

Apart from that, the Technological Tracker can see the markers left by actions performed by enemies. This further helps to pinpoint enemy locations effectively and understand the overall situation. Bloodhound’s ultimate is also a powerful ability that enables them to become the ultimate hunter. Using it increases the movement speed and highlights enemies in red. Moreover, the ultimate also amplifies the tactical, allowing Bloodhound to activate and use it much faster.

Pathfinder is the Apex Games’ fan-favorite robot. The season seven update tuned the cooldown on his grapple further, which is highly beneficial for his mains. He can grapple himself away from teams and make an escape. Chasing down a Pathfinder is difficult. His zipline gun is a great repositioning tool while getting out of fights. It allows him and his team to travel long distances quickly and can also be used to engage in a fight as the third party and wipe up some kills.

Being a recon legend, Pathfinder is able to know the next ring’s location, which is crucial in the late stages. Overall, Pathfinder is the king of mobility, but it also requires a lot of skill to main him.


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Since the inception of Apex Legends, Wraith has maintained a top spot. Being a very small character, she is probably the hardest to hit despite the animation changes. Although her ultimate dimensional rift has a short range, it is still a powerful repositioning tool to get to safety and healed up again. It allows her and her team to get out of critical situations. Moreover, her ultimate can also get her downed teammates out of situations.

Wraith’s passive makes the player aware of multiple incoming threats. Once again, her tactical allows her to reposition quickly through the safety of void space. This makes her immune to damage while inside the void, and it can buy her enough time for third party fights to resolve themselves and for her teammates to gather around and help. Overall, Wraith’s kit provides a lot of team play potential and has some unique personal abilities.


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That concludes our Legends Tier List for Apex Legends Season 7. Let us know how you would rank all the Apex characters in the comments below!

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