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Apex Legends Rectifies Loot Pool Glitch in Armed and Dangerous LTM

Apex Legends Rectifies Loot Pool Glitch in Armed and Dangerous LTM

After going live last month, Season 6 of Apex Legends introduced many exciting features and changes. While Rampart joined the Apex Agent roster, the Volt SMG became available on the battlefield with the new season. Recently, the first mid-season event went live, continuing the momentum of the season.

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September Soiree started last week, promising to bring a different limited-time mode every week until October 5. The intention is to amuse fans by re-introducing some of the classic LTMs in Apex Legends. Fans cherished the opportunity to revisit Skull Town in ‘Kings Canyon After Dark’ last week. This week, the Armed and Dangerous LTM replaced the nighttime Kings Canyon map.

After the new LTM went live, however, several players noticed the Volt and energy magazines spawning on the map. Apex Legends’ official Twitter handle has now confirmed that the devs have implemented changes to the loot pool, removing the Volt and Energy mags.

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Armed and Dangerous loot pool adjusted in Apex Legends

Generally, the ‘Armed and Dangerous’ LTM disables pistols, SMGs, assault rifles, and LMGs from the game’s loot pool by default. Players only get to engage with opponents using shotguns and sniper rifles that spawn on the map. Only a powerful sniper shot or a devastating shotgun blow can secure victory.

Thus, when players spotted the Volt SMG and energy mags spawning in the LTM, they had difficulty figuring it out. Respawn has since rectified the glitch and has also re-introduced the mobile respawn beacons.

The Grand Soiree skins have also returned to the shop for a limited time with the ‘Armed and Dangerous’ mode. Players can also purchase several other bundles and packs as per their liking. Meanwhile, September Soiree has more action to deliver in the coming weeks.

‘Armed and Dangerous’ will be live till September 22, with two more LTMs in the wings. ‘DUMMIE’s Big Day’ is expected to go live next, followed by ‘LIVE. DIE. LIVE’. Apex Legends is going to be action-packed for the next two weeks. For now, jumping back into the ‘shotguns and snipers only’ mode remains a priority.

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