Apex Legends Release A Quick Fix To Calm Down Agitated Users

May 15, 2020 2:46 am

Apex Legends Season 5 went live on May 12. However, everything did not go according to the plan. While people were quite excited about the new legend and changes, a specific issue was recurring. The problem revolved around hit-registration, and players couldn’t identify the reason. Although, the developers did issue a notice that said that they would come up with a fix.

Recently, Josh Medina updated on Twitter that they have come up with a hot fix for this issue. If a player’s shots aren’t getting registered, then they have not hit any significant targets. However, players were unhappy with this suggestion. Also, some users suggested that the abilities of Apex Legends characters may play a part in determining which targets to hit. 

However, abilities were not the issue at all. The entire situation could hit tricky waters, as players love complaining when their shots don’t connect. Nevertheless, this was not the case with Apex Legends. Here, there were legit issues with the game registering hits. 

Apex Legends hit registration issues

The developers paid attention to these claims after its veracity got proved. People started posting, “Shot a Pathfinder point blank with Mastiff 3 times. 12 damage, lol.” The concern became genuine, and Josh updated that a fix would roll out soon. 

With the recent tweet mentioning the server fix, we realized how quickly the Apex team responds. The fact that this took so little time to fix genuinely shows how much they care about the community.

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High priority response shows the game is still the best

Small gestures go a long way, and this was definitely one of them. Some people in the community believed that Apex Legends is going to die soon enough. To their dismay, the game revitalized and gathered momentum. With Season 5, it looks like Apex is answering all critics. The new season has introduced several fun elements in the game, in addition to a new character.

Respawn is basically doing a top-to-bottom reconfiguration for the game. This not only makes the old players rejoice and feel like playing the game again, but also encourages new players. With Season 5 live, what are your thoughts about these changes so far?

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