Apex Legends Season 5 introduced us to a new legend called ‘Loba.’ On a mission to take her revenge on Revenant for killing her parents, Loba enters the King’s Canyon. Season 5 also had a buggy collection event called Lost Treasures, which caused a lot of problems with Loba’s abilities in the World’s Edge Map.

The season finale is almost upon us and after almost 9 weeks of events and trying to collect the pieces of the artifact, we still have something big in store for us. Let’s take a look at the story so far so we’re all caught up for the finale.

With Loba’s introduction, the quest begins with her gathering the other Legends in a bar. She then tells them of a strange artifact scattered across the King’s Canyon from another dimension. Loba also made it clear that Revenant should not know about this at all. But one of the legends rats her out.


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Apex Legends Season 5 Story so far

In the first chapter, everyone discusses their suspicions regarding Loba because she knows about everyone’s backgrounds. Bangalore convinces everyone to go according to plan while secretly finding out about Loba’s intentions. She also convinces Octane to persuade his date, Yoko, to spill some beans.

Octane almost screws it up but as soon as he is about to get some information, Wraith opens up a portal and takes him back to the bar. Apparently, Wattson has been injured on a mission. Loba is far from sympathetic about it. Caustic, who obviously couldn’t bear it, pins Loba against the wall by her throat. But before things go ahead, Revenant turns up and things get heated between him and Loba. When it looks like a fight is about to break-out, he suddenly disappears into the smoke.

This increases the tension among the group as to who the mole was. Bangalore then asks Octane to go to Yoko to get some more information. But, tired of taking orders, he jumps into the other dimension and goes to look for the next piece himself.  Lifeline, not happy when she learns that Octane is missing, forces Bangalore to give her signature to Yoko in exchange for information on Loba.


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Back at the bar, Legends find out that the artifact is some kind of robot being. Lifeline and Gibraltar go to rescue Octane in the other dimension and the chapter ends. In Chapter 5, Bangalore forces Loba to spill the beans regarding her true intentions. They find out that in exchange for the artifact, Hammond Robotics was going to give her the location of Revenant’s head.

They still decide to go ahead and find the artifact and destroy it before it can cause trouble in the Outlands.

The Team finds the mole


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While working on the artifact, Crypto’s drone is hacked by Revenant, allowing him to listen to everything. In chapter 7, Caustic also tells the group that Crypto is the mole. But in chapter 8, when Gibraltar asks Caustic what happened, he reveals that he was the mole all along. The story ends where Bangalore goes off to find Loba.

Now that you’re all caught up, let’s see what happens in the Season 5 finale where it is highly likely that there will be a face-off between Loba and Revenant. Stay tuned for more updates.