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Apex Legends: Season 5 Finale Drops Some Big Hints About Crypto

Apex Legends: Season 5 Finale Drops Some Big Hints About Crypto

It has been an amazing Season for Apex Legends fans. The Lost Treasures collection event, the introduction of Loba, and an amazing story made it special. The final quest was completed today, unveiling 4 bunkers for the players to explore. These contain hints towards the Season 6 storyline.

Who is the syndicate Boss in Apex?

This tells us that Mila is probably alive. But the bigger question is, who is the Syndicate working for? Popular YouTuber ‘TheGamingMerchant’ has a theory that will definitely take you by surprise. He believes it could be someone from Hammond Robotics or someone related to the Titanfall 2 story. But he also thinks that the one watching Mila could be Mirage. Now, Mirage is a legend who is the closest to Crypto and the way EA likes to break hearts with their storylines, it could very well be him. There’s a certain bromance building up between Crypto and Mirage.

This is just a theory that may or may not be true. Mila mentions that he is a guy so that rules out the female characters. Season 6 will definitely have something big in store for us.

Who is Mila in Apex Legends?

There are 3 encrypted messages that you find in there bunkers. These are left by Mila for Crypto. For those of you who don’t know, Mila is Crypto’s foster sister. Before he was Crypto, he was known as Tae Joon Park. He and his sister Mila worked for the Syndicate as engineers.

As they worked together for the syndicate, they came across a certain prediction algorithm. Mila insisted that they should use it but Crypto thought otherwise. He feared that if caught, the Syndicate will kill them. The next day, he finds out that the Syndicate is hunting him and Mila has been murdered (Or is she?). Thus began Tae Joon Park a.k.a Crypto’s journey in seeking revenge on the Syndicate.

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBIMoMh8dWw]

Mila’s 3 messages

Till now, it was believed that Mila was dead. But the messages revealed in these bunkers point in a different direction. In the first message, Mila explains that she was using a drone encryption protocol so only Crypto can hear them. She then says that a couple of guys were following her. At this point, she thought they were going to kill her or Crypto.

In the second message, Mila is thrown by the guys following her in an interrogation room. They wanted to know how Mila and Crypto managed to find the algorithm. Then they asked her how Crypto escaped which had pissed them off. Obviously, Mila didn’t tell them anything so they moved her to a ‘secure location.’

Mila’s final message revealed that she had somehow managed to escape from them and was hiding in a safe place. She had overridden their security and managed to slip away. But, she also tells Crypto that they were working for a guy who was inside the Apex Games. This person was watching Crypto closely. Her last words were “Trust me. And be careful. Yong Won-Han Ga-Johk.”

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