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Apex Legends: Season 6 Buff has Made Bloodhound One of the Best

Apex Legends: Season 6 Buff has Made Bloodhound One of the Best

Apex Legends Season 6 treated fans with a refreshing experience in the form of exciting gameplay features and changes. A new legend Rampart joined the ranks, and the Volt SMG became available on the battlefield. Apart from the thrilling additions, the devs also handed out balancing changes to elevate the competition on the battlefield further.

Several existing legends received buffs at the beginning of Season 6, especially the Recon Class. Among the recon legends, Bloodhound received the most affection from the devs. Prior to the buff, Bloodhound already played a crucial role in gathering intel and tracking enemies.

Now, when a Bloodhound downs an opponent while Beast of the Hunt is active, the duration is extended by 5-15 seconds. Moreover, it only takes 0.9 seconds to use Eye of the Allfather, and the cooldown also reduces to 6 seconds during Beast of the Hunt. After the massive buff, Bloodhound has room for a lot more power, making them the most revered hunter in the Apex Games.

More and more players have started choosing the Technological Tracker in regular matches, ranked play, and even in some tournaments. Popular Apex Legends content creator, Kandyrew has showcased how Bloodhound has become one of the best legends of this season in his YouTube video.

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Bloodhound’s push to the top in Apex Legends Season 6

(Image Courtesy: Kandyrew – YouTube)

Kandyrew started the demonstration of Bloodhound’s prowess by landing at Fragment in World’s Edge. Armed with a deadly combination of Flatline and Volt, he initiated the process of dispatching opponents back to the waiting lobby. He perfectly utilized the tracking expert’s ultimate, tactical, and passive abilities in intense situations to get the jump on his opponents.

Kandy ended up with 13 kills and a victory in the first match. Throughout the gameplay video, he would often use Bloodhound’s passive to precisely track his opponents. Once in the vicinity, he would use the tactical ability to scan enemies. Then, he quickly followed it up with a combination of the ultimate and tactical at the opportune moment.

(Image Courtesy: Kandyrew – YouTube)

In one instance, Kandyrew outplayed an enemy squad all by himself in a 1v3 situation, killing them. Sometimes he would use Bloodhound’s abilities to gather valuable intel for better strategic positioning. He managed to secure multiple wins with a decent number of kills every time. Bloodhound’s abilities were probably already among the best in the game. Now, with room for more power, no one is stopping this god-like tracker’s push to the top.

Honestly, the buffed abilities were not the only reason for Kandyrew’s domination on the battlefield. Kandyrew’s impressive gaming skill set also played a major role in combat. He is well-known for his high-octane Apex gameplay. Check out Kandyrew’s full gameplay video below.

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