Apex Legends Season 8 Launch Trailer Showcases Fuse’s Arrival and Kings Canyon’s Obliteration

January 22, 2021 7:53 pm

With the launch of the next chapter of Apex Legends only days away, Respawn Entertainment released the launch trailer for Season 8, dubbed Mayhem. The upcoming season will introduce a range of fresh additions to the battle royale game. These include Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy as the 16th Legend, the new 30-30 Repeater rifle, and an “obliterated Kings Canyon“, among other changes.

The latest trailer builds on the events of the ‘Good as Gold‘ cinematic short, which concludes with Fuse losing his right arm after Mags pulls the grenade’s pin and tosses it at him. With Salvo unifying with the Syndicate, Fuse got his chance to combat in the Apex Games. However, his childhood friend Maggie perceived this as the ultimate betrayal because of her despise for the Syndicate.

The launch trailer delivers a good indication of why Respawn has named the upcoming season Mayhem. The explosive enthusiast’s arrival to the Apex Games has dramatically reshaped Kings Canyon once again.

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Apex Legends Season 8 launch trailer showcases the obliteration of Kings Canyon as part of Fuse’s inauguration into the Apex Games

The trailer kicks off on a grand note with Fuse arriving at Kings Canyon aboard a gigantic ship with music, fireworks, confetti, and big screens. An enormous crowd has gathered for the induction ceremony of Salvo’s champion fighter. However, just as the Fuse is about to begin the biggest party ever seen by the Outlands, his long-standing feud with an old friend cuts the celebrations short.

(Image Credit: Apex Legends – YouTube)

Maggie suddenly gains control of the ship and sends out a grim message through its speakers. Calling Fuse a traitor, she asks the other legends to bring her his other arm or bid farewell to their precious Apex Games. After Fuse responds that the massive crowd had gathered to see a show, Maggie accesses the ship’s cannons to open fire at the unarmed people.

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Fuse acts quickly to save the crowd from complete annihilation. He uses a grenade from his arsenal to destroy the ship’s systems. However, Mags had elaborate plans of her own to create mayhem. It seems she had rigged several mountains near Artillery and Slum Lakes with explosives.

Stating that every show needs a big finish, Mags detonates the bombs, setting off a fierce blast and shock waves. Besides the explosion destroying a significant portion of Kings Canyon, it also causes the massive ceremony ship to come down crashing on the map. The events of the Season 8 launch trailer are synonymous with Respawn’s description of an “obliterated Kings Canyon.”

(Image Credit: Apex Legends – YouTube)

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The launch trailer provided a brief glimpse at what makes up Fuse’s ability kit

This isn’t the first time Apex Legends fans have seen a chunk of the Kings Canyon map being blown off. During the launch trailer for Season 5, Loba destroyed the entirety of Skull Town. This incident reshaped the Broken Coast region as well as added the Salvage PoI.

Similarly, the destructive events during Fuse’s inauguration point to significant changes occurring on the map once again. But for now, fans have to wait for Respawn to reveal more details on how Kings Canyon will shape up for the upcoming season. Additionally, the latest trailer gives us brief glimpses of what Fuse’s abilities could look like in-game.

(Image Credit: Apex Legends – YouTube)

During the induction ceremony, Fuse is seen pulling out the rocket launcher on his back and using it to distribute Nellies. Towards the end of the trailer, we get a closer look at his prosthetic metal arm. It seems to have a tactical launcher embedded, which shoots a cluster grenade. We also see the explosives expert wielding and firing the new weapon, the 30-30 Repeater rifle.

Apex Legends fans can expect to learn more details regarding the new content and changes Season 8: Mayhem will bring in the coming days as we edge closer to its expected February 2 launch date.

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