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Apex Legends: September Soiree Advances with Another Classic Limited-Time Mode

Apex Legends: September Soiree Advances with Another Classic Limited-Time Mode

Season 6 of Apex Legends went live in August, and the inclusion of exciting gameplay features and changes has kept the game thriving. Considering the season is still in its early days, the first mid-season event kicked-off recently. These seasonal events have become a fan-favorite feature of Apex Legends, and fans keep yearning for more.

Last week, Respawn initiated the September Soiree to re-introduce some of the classic LTMs to Apex Legends. As a result, players will get to experience a different LTM every week until October 5. Starting today, the September Soiree has entered into its second week, and Respawn has announced another LTM for this week.

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Armed and Dangerous is here to take over Apex Legends

A tweet from Respawn confirmed the arrival of the next LTM as a part of the September Soiree. Apex Legends is continuing its September LTM fest with the Armed and Dangerous mode. This limited-time mode replaces the Kings Canyon After Dark map that went live last week.

The Armed and Dangerous mode disables pistols, SMGs, assault rifles, and LMGs from the game’s loot pool. Players only have access to shotguns and snipers on the map en route to becoming the champion. Starting from today till September 22, players can jump into this returning LTM and combat opponents with a heavy sniper or a devastating shotgun.

Several cosmetic items, including skins for legends and weapons, are also returning to the in-game store for a week, and players can purchase them to their pleasing. The September Soiree has more to offer to players in the coming weeks.

According to Apex Legends data miner Shrugtal, two more limited-time modes are headed to Apex Legends in the coming weeks. Those include DUMMIE’s Big Day and LIVE. DIE. LIVE, in that order.

September Soiree had initially kicked off with DUMMIE’s Big Day. However, soon after the mode went live, the devs discovered a game-breaking bug that caused server crashes. Although Respawn had to bring the party to a halt abruptly, they acted swiftly and replaced DUMMIE’s Big Day with Kings Canyon After Dark.

During DUMMIE’s Big Day, instead of the legends, players have to pick dummies from the firing range and jump into the battlefield. Meanwhile, on LIVE. DIE. LIVE fallen players will respawn automatically at their teammates’ location every time the ring moves at the end of a round, as long as one player is still alive from the squad.

There will be a lot of action in Apex Legends in the coming weeks. For now, dropping into Armed and Dangerous remains a priority.

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