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Apex Legends Teaser Reveals Loba’s True Motive

Apex Legends Teaser Reveals Loba’s True Motive

Since the inception of Apex Legends, pertinent lore has always played a vital role in the battle royale’s seasonal progression. Respawn Entertainment introduced us to Loba Andrade and her back story in Season 5. She was orphaned at a young age after Revenant killed her parents. Motivated by her anguish, Loba honed her abilities before joining the Apex Games to avenge her parents’ death.

Loba’s endeavor for revenge has dramatically influenced the storyline of the season quest too. Although the other legends were skeptical of their new counterpart, they eventually agreed to help her retrieve pieces of a mysterious artifact. Subsequently, over the course of the season quest, the legends have figured out Loba and Hammond Robotics are working together. Now, a new teaser has revealed the details of a meeting between the two.

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Apex Legends teaser sheds light on Loba’s motive for retrieving an artifact

The teaser, shared by Apex Legends on Twitter, is a transcript of a conversation between Loba and Cheryl Amacci, the head of Hammond Robotics’ legal department.

Cheryl Amacci explains to the translocating thief what a “source code” is. “It’s every experience, memory, desire, and personality trait you have, encrypted in the neurons of your brain’s grey matter, which we use to rebuild you into a simulacrum after you die.

She then affirms that a Hammond Robotics security system teleported Revenant’s source code to another secure facility after Loba shot it. Amacci is aware of the new location and is willing to give its coordinates to Loba. In return, she has to retrieve an artifact buried underneath Kings Canyon.

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Loba finds Amacci’s proposal comical. “The last time I went treasure hunting under Kings Canyon, half, the island was blown to the bottom of the river...” she says. Amacci responds, “That’s not the island I was referring to.

Loba is having a hard time believing that there is more than one version of the map. “You say that as if there’s more than one Kings Canyon.

However, her interest is aroused after Amacci remarks, “You say that as if there isn’t.”

Ultimately, Loba sings up for Hammond’s mission as it will help fulfill her vendetta against Revenant.

The teaser heavily reflects the events from the latest chapter of the season quest. The legends have discovered Loba is cooperating with Hammond Robotics. Therefore, they have decided to assemble the artifact themselves and destroy it. Further information will emerge after the season quest progresses into the next chapter in the coming week.

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