Apex Legends Teases Players With First Season 5 Easter Egg

Published 04/17/2020, 4:05 PM EDT

With the completion of Season 4 seemingly on the horizon, a teaser for Apex Legends’ Season 5 has surfaced. Season 4 originated from an explosive start in which Forge died (killed) even before he got to the game.  

It’s not surprising for Respawn to elevate the hype for the game’s next episode. The recently discovered Apex Legends easter egg further appended to the battle royale’s pertinent lore. Kings Canyon could undergo possible changes in season five. The easter egg found in the form of an ambiguous keycard in Worlds Edge could indicate the change.

What Does The Apex Legends Easter Egg Reveal?


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Players had been searching for a teaser for the upcoming season after prominent Apex Legends dataminer Shrugtal figured out a reference in the current update files. One such player eventually located a keycard after landing at the Dome.

I found an easter egg of ARES division from Titanfall in Dome. It seems to be related to the Singh Labs in Kings Canyon but i have no idea what it activates. from r/apexlegends

The keycard seems to be an ARES Division device as it bears its logo. ARES Division is an armed research and development wing of the IMC from Titanfall, responsible for experimenting on Wraith.

Apart from the ARES logo, the keycard also reveals an “Access Granted” message. Interacting with it causes the character to pick it up. Activating the device summons a series of lines, which refer to Singh Labs.

Wraith escaped the Singh Labs facility, which was added to the game in season two, as part of her Voidwalker backstory. After escaping the facility, she emerged in Kings Canyon.

Perhaps ARES is involved in recovering something from Singh Labs? It could also introduce players to a new map or take them back to an upgraded Kings Canyon.


Respawn Make Changes To Apex Legends’ Map Rotation

almost 3 years ago


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Whats Could Possibly Be In-Store For Players In The Upcoming Season?

Loba, who was introduced as a young girl in the season four trailer, is probably going to be added as a new legend in season five. Shrugtal located an in-game model of hers. Various weapon skins themed around the concept of wolves could also feature. Why wolves? Loba in Portuguese translates to wolves.

The dataminer has credible information that the ARES keycard is only the first of three. However, the next card will possibly appear soon. Collecting all three will reveal more details perhaps.


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Although at this moment, everything remains somewhat mysterious.

Respawn could be organizing a series of emerging hints. There is a particular grasping element that keeps players attached to this game.



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