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Apex Legends: The Lost Treasures Patch Notes Reveal Major Changes

Apex Legends: The Lost Treasures Patch Notes Reveal Major Changes

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Apex Legends Season 5, The Lost Treasures event is finally here. The developers were also positively interacting with the community on social media, dropping several hints about what’s to come. For quite a while, we knew that two specific legends would get a buff.

Recently, they revealed the patch notes for the Lost Treasures, and from the looks of it, it includes a lot of surprises. Since the introduction of Loba in the mix, every other legend is feeling a little left out. She has indeed stolen the show with her charm and abilities. 

Nevertheless, Respawn and EA have focused on specific areas with respect to all the other Legends. For instance, the tweaks and buffs given to legends like Caustic or Wattson were unexpected but highly appreciated. Especially with Caustic, the barrel move was one strong play which can now be neutralized. 

Apex Legends Lost Treasures patch notes

Before focusing on the other things, let’s focus on the major tweaks all the legends received. 


  • Passive
  • Combat Revive now replaces Combat Medic.
      • Deploy D.O.C to revive teammates. D.O.C. will deploy a shield and revive Lifeline’s teammate, leaving Lifeline free to defend or revive someone else. 
    • This fully replaces Lifeline’s old passive, including Fast Heal.
  • Tactical
    • Lifeline’s Tactical cooldown is now 45 seconds (was 60 seconds). 
  • Ultimate
  • Lifeline’s Care Package now contains more items.
      • Care Package will contain 3x more small healing items when it decides to spawn small healing items.
    • Care Package will include 2x more attachments when it decides to spawn attachments.


  • Tactical
    • Upon activation, Stim will remove movement impairing effects.
    • Stim sprinting speed is increased by 10%.
  • Ultimate
    • Players can now double jump in mid-air after using Octane’s Launch Pad.
    • Players can change direction easily from the double jump.


  • Tactical
    • Watton’s Interception Pylon will no longer intercept burglar’s Best Friend.
  • Ultimate
    • Black Market Boutique (ultimate) will now only pick up one stack of ammo (rather than 1 stack), the amount required to fill whatever partial stack you had in your inventory).
    • Ultimate Accelerants now give 20% ult charge (up from 17.5%).


  • Enemies can cancel Caustic’s barrel by shooting it before it is fully inflated.


These changes intend to create openings where enemies can breach Wattson positions. It is still possible for Wattson players to hold a position with a trophy indefinitely, but that should come at the cost of using Ultimate Accelerants.

  • Wattson’s Pylons now last for 90 seconds.
  • She can now have up to 3 pylons out at a time.
  • Wattson can stack 2 Ultimate accelerants per inventory slot.

Mirage, Revenant, Wraith, Gibraltar, everyone received some tweaks, but frankly, these are the major ones. Since this is a limited time, let us now move into the new elements we will see in the Lost Treasures event.

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Weapon fixes and Crypto Town Takeover

A Crypto themed take over is coming to Kings Canyon. “Located at the south-east of the map (under Repulsor), lies Crypto’s Map Room.” This will allow players to sniff out the locations of other teams instantly. 

With the zipline, a cooldown aspect is added, this works only for disconnecting and re-grabbing. Thus, this will reboot itself if the player touches the ground. The Havoc Rifle got a little tweak with the horizontal recoil with the first shots. The mag capacity is also decreased by 4 shots. 

Devs delivering what the community wants

Octane is the fourth most picked character, and yet, it has been suffering for a while. The entire community had questions when the devs decided to open up on social media. Octane’s abilities depend entirely on health and mobility – the ultimate seemed a little imbalanced. After the tweak, directional sensitivity is improved with the double jump. What adds a new dimension is the mid-air double jump essence; this was something everyone was inquisitive about.

On the other hand, Lifeline was more about combatting while protecting teammates. The “Combat Revive now replaces Combat Medic” allows her to focus on the fight, or reviving another teammate. Essentially, the D.O.C does half the work, which will mean Lifeline becomes a more sought after legend.

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