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Apex Legends: The Most Optimal Strategy for Dropping A 20 Bomb

Apex Legends: The Most Optimal Strategy for Dropping A 20 Bomb

Since launching in 2019, Apex Legends has expanded its boundaries to become one of the prominent names in the battle royale genre. As the player base has grown, the average skill set, strategic positioning, and map knowledge of a player has also improved in heaps.

What makes battle royales so popular and appealing is the satisfaction one gains from outmaneuvering opponents and racking up high kills. Since there is a maximum of 60 players in an Apex Legends lobby, getting 20 kills is one of the most challenging accomplishments. For this reason, The Gaming Merchant has devised the most optimal strategy to drop a 20 bomb in Apex.

The Gaming Merchant is known for his insightful videos about all things Apex Legends. He did a lot of in-game testing to formulate the best possible way to get 20 kills consistently. The biggest issue that arises is not how well one can kill 20 opponents, but how quickly they can find those players before they kill each other.

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How to get 20 kill games consistently in Apex Legends?

Typically, players are quite spread out in a battle royale map. To secure a high number of kills, one must have an idea about the best places to land and the best rotations to make. This is where Map Room in Kings Canyon became an essential part of devising the most optimal strategy for a 20 bomb. By pressing a button in Map Room, players can scan where their opponents are.

The Gaming Merchant – YouTube

However, Map Room is located at the bottom right corner of the map, and not many players go there often. Thus, The Gaming Merchant dropped at Map Room for 20 matches in a row and recorded all the information. He found out areas on the left side of Kings Canyon like Gauntlet, Air Base, Slum Lakes, Run Off, Salvage, etc. tend to have the most player activity.

The Gaming Merchant – YouTube

Then, he dug deep into the different dropship paths possible on the map. Players often land near the start of the dropship’s path and don’t tend to fly away too far from it. Therefore, the most optimal strategy to get high kills would be to check for a dropship path towards the left side of the map. One has to drop at the high traffic areas (mentioned above) and secure as many kills possible at the spot and nearby hot-drop regions in the first round.

The Gaming Merchant – YouTube || The orange lines indicate the regions towards which the ring moves

After that, one has to anticipate the next ring location, which is obviously going to vary. Often the ring tends to shrink more or less towards the center of the map. Thus it is vital to rotate towards Containment and the surrounding river area.

The Gaming Merchant – YouTube

After taking a spot in the central areas, one has to be patient and alert while listening out for gunfights and approaching footsteps. However, this strategy is based on the dropship following one of the optimal paths, as shown above in the second image.

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Is the strategy possible on World’s Edge?

The strategy has better chances of working on Kings Canyon. World’s Edge doesn’t have a Map Room, so it’s difficult to figure out where the most player activity is. Despite that, The Gaming Merchant believes most players land at locations centered around Sorting Factory and Fragment on World’s Edge.

One will probably have to land at either of those two locations. Secure as many kills as possible and then rotate towards the areas around Trainyard and Epicenter. After that, the strategy is similar. Acquire a central position on the map and wait for opponents to show up.

Those interested in a more detailed breakdown of the strategy can check out The Gaming Merchant’s video below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gMPRunL4dA]
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