Apex Legends: The Most Underrated Weapon Combo in Season 7

November 19, 2020 4:44 pm

The major reason behind the rise in popularity of Apex Legends is its extensive battle royale gameplay. With the release of Season 7, Respawn Entertainment has introduced some buffs and nerfs to the game.

Here is the most underrated weapon combo of Season 7, that you may not be aware of.

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Underrated weapons combo in Apex Legends season 7

Scout and L-Star:

Despite being an LMG, L-Star doesn’t certainly fit in the LMG class. In-game, LMG’s have very slow movement speed while aim down and terrible hip-fire accuracy while moving. However, these poor traits of the weapons class do not affect the L-Star.

It has the same movement speed as an AR while aiming down sight and is very accurate while hip firing. The gun’s accuracy is quite high, even while jumping and running. Moreover, L-star uses big bullets which can help players hit headshots quite often. The only problem with the weapon is its slow bullet speed, which makes it less reliable in long range battles.

Here’s when Scout takes the lead. The gun is surely an imposter among its weapon class; it falls in the AR class but has some sniper rifle traits, one of which is the fast bullet travel time. The gun has almost the same bullet velocity as the Longbow and the Sentinel. Also, the further the target the larger its bullets get.

The Scout also has some negative points in his stats. Among them is that it has very slow movement speed while aiming down sight like most of the sniper rifles in the game. Although, the hip-fire accuracy with the gun is quite good, which makes it quite useful.

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Both guns surely compensate for each other’s negative points and together become a deadly combo to deal with. They are not the most powerful guns in the game, but they have some cool features that make them stand out from others.

For a more detailed analysis of this dangerous combo, watch the video down below:

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