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Apex Legends: The Triple Take Buff has Spiraled its Close-Quarters Combat Capability

Apex Legends: The Triple Take Buff has Spiraled its Close-Quarters Combat Capability

The inclusion of exciting features with each new season has kept Apex Legends thriving in the battle royale genre. Season 6 saw the introduction of a new legend, Rampart, and a new Volt SMG. Apart from these exciting additions, the devs dished out several balancing updates, which have changed the dynamics and elevated the competition on the battlefield.

From weapons to loot items, everything was tweaked. The Triple Take was among those weapons that received significant adjustments with the Season 6 update. This sniper rifle was already revered for its effectiveness in mid to long-range gunfights. Now, the massive buff it received recently has further added to its versatility and made it more devastating.

Popular Apex Legends content creator for SoaR Gaming, Kobi, has showcased the powers of Triple Take in a YouTube video. He used the sniper as a shotgun in close quarters combat while giving opponents a taste of his high-octane gameplay.

Kobi displays Triple Take’s close-range capability in Apex Legends

The SoaR Gaming member started by jumping into the Kings Canyon After Dark map. This game mode went live recently for a limited time as part of the September Soiree. Skull Town has once again become the talk of the town, as players can revisit the fallen POI on this night-themed Kings Canyon map.

Predictably enough, Skull Town was where Kobi landed. Armed with a Triple Take, he initiated the process of sending opponents back to the waiting lobby right off the bat. He connected some insanely accurate shots, utilizing the 1x Digital Threat sight to perfection. He consistently inflicted high damage, knocking shields off his enemies and eliminating them.

SoaR Kobi – YouTube

In some instances, he kept hip-firing precisely in close-range, using the heavy sniper as a devastating shotgun. Within a few moments, Kobi became the kill leader by stacking eight kills. Although this gameplay sequence was short, it highlighted the close-range capabilities of the Triple Take entirely.

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The Triple Take buff

The sniper rifle received a substantial buff with the Season 6 update. It now has an increased fire and a greater magazine size. The Choke hop-up is now also integrated into the weapon by default, tightening the spread pattern. The Triple Take has high maximum damage, fast bullet travel time, and low projectile drop. Thus, one can precisely aim at targets moving at a distance, and register hits consistently.

SoaR Kobi – YouTube

The Triple Take also has specific spread patterns while crouching and standing. Therefore, with some practice, one can deal incredible damage at close range while hip-firing and crouching, without getting that slow movement speed while ADS-ing with a sniper. The strong hip-fire makes the Triple Take a feasible option at close range, allowing players to use it as a shotgun.

The rest of the gameplay was Kobi fragging out on Kings Canyon After Dark with his friend Euriece in another match. They both went on a killing spree to seize the victory. The duo ended up a combined 28 kills, with Kobi taking 17 kills while Euriece had 11. Check out SoaR Kobi’s full gameplay video below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQdld1eck-A]
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