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Apex Legends: Weird World’s Egde Glitch Reveals Map Update Teaser

Apex Legends: Weird World’s Egde Glitch Reveals Map Update Teaser

Like previous seasons, Respawn has implemented numerous changes in Apex Legends in Season 6. Although the update didn’t expand to a new map, World’s Edge received an extensive makeover. Apart from small tweaks and additions all around, the map gave rise to new POIs.

Meanwhile, a potential map update teaser appeared briefly in-game. To be more specific, a player spotted a teaser on World’s Edge, which could shed light on the map changes coming in the future. Apex Legends content creator, Sethly, has discussed the teaser in a YouTube video.

Apex Legends player spots map update teaser

As most fans may know, whenever significant map updates are about to occur in Apex Legends, fans get some teasers for the changes in advance. For map changes in World’s Edge, small construction flags, Hammond Robotics construction signs, and the large Hammond Robotics hologram have appeared in the past.

I found a Hammond Robotics logo above Skyhook. What could this mean? from apexlegends

Recently, u/Dill_P1 went into a World’s Edge game, and something pretty interesting appeared on their screen. Luckily, they clipped it. As the dropship was flying past the Skyhook area, the player spotted a Hammond Robotics hologram logo above the POI. Although the Hammond Robotics logo appears for a brief moment, it was enough for fans to know that something is being planned.

Usually, a player has to interact with the beacon first, for such hologram teasers to show up. However, it was barely the beginning of the match, and most of the players were in the dropship. Thus, no one could have been on the ground to activate the hologram. Neither anyone else has been able to recreate this teaser so far.

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What could the teaser mean for World’s Edge?

Sethly explained that a weird glitch probably caused a future teaser to appear beforehand. Since the hologram teaser was above the Skyhook area, it will likely have something to do with map changes around that location. The community has begun speculating that this teaser is for the UFO previously showcased during a developer live-stream in June.

The Hammond Robotics logo showed up right next to the Space Elevator at the Skyhook POI. Therefore, it makes sense if the UFO ends up appearing at the same location. There would also have to be some way to enter the UFO. Logically, the Space Elevator could probably be what helps players to scale the UFO.

While there might be evidence pointing towards map changes, all of this is still speculation. Players will have to keep an eye out for more teasers in the coming weeks, while Respawn plans out their future map changes.

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