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Apex Legends: YouTuber Discusses Why The Destruction of Skull Town Was Inevitable

Apex Legends: YouTuber Discusses Why The Destruction of Skull Town Was Inevitable

Season 6 of Apex Legends went live a few weeks ago, and the inclusion of exciting features and changes have kept the game flourishing. Considering the new season is still in its infancy, the first mid-season event kicked-off recently.

September 8 marked the commencement of September Soiree, intending to bring back some of the classic LTMs to the battle royale. However, Respawn had to stall the party abruptly after the devs discovered a game-breaking bug with DUMMIE’s Big Day that caused server crashes.

The team acted quickly to their credit and replaced the DUMMIE’s Big Day mode with the Kings Canyon After Dark map. The map is currently live now and will last until September 15, after which a different LTM will take over.

The brief return of Skull Town in Apex Legends

The re-introduction of Kings Canyon After Dark had fans feeling nostalgic. After all, Skull Town, one of the most popular hotspots of the past, still exists on this night-themed map. Skull Town was completely wiped off in the circumstances leading to Season 5 that marked Loba’s arrival in Apex Legends. The prospect of paying a brief visit to the fallen POI excited a lot of fans, and we have seen our favorite Apex content creators make videos about the same.

Popular Apex Legends YouTuber iTemp Plays revisited Skull Town in his latest gameplay video. Along with his teammates, SoaRKobiathan and FIYpotato, iTemp Plays made the drop into Skull Town. The POI used to be a hallowed place for players, and now, predictably enough, it has become the hottest of hot drops with a large proportion of the lobby wanting to re-experience the adrenaline rush.

iTemp Plays – YouTube

After gathering the necessary gear and resources, the trio quickly took out a couple of opponent squads. Only six squads remained at the end of round one. After that, they engaged in gunfights with other squads rotating into SkullTown from the nearby high-tier loot areas. Soon enough, only two enemy squads were alive, with two minutes left for the very first ring to close. iTemp Plays already had 9 kills at this point.

The team then rotated into Marketplace and Crossroads when the first ring had barely closed, with only one enemy squad remaining. They secured the victory by taking out the last remaining opponents during the second round. The trio had 20 kills combined, with iTemp Plays mustering 12 kills himself. All of them had a mere survival time of 9 minutes and 46 seconds.

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Why the devastation of Skull Town was inevitable

iTempPlays also explained the reason for the fall of Skull Town. “You’re fighting in Skull Town for 5-6 minutes, and then you hear the announcer say those immortal words: ‘Two enemy squads remaining’. And they’re the only two squads in the server that happened to land away from Skull Town.

This is perfectly highlighted during his gameplay as the team secured the victory within 10 minutes of landing. Furthermore, barely a minute after landing, seven squads had already been taken out, with a total of 13 teams remaining. This ruins the flow of the game.

Apart from the satisfaction one gains by outmaneuvering opponents and racking up high kills, survival is also an essential factor in battle royales. It uplights the gameplay experience as well as the overall narrative of a game.

iTemp Plays – YouTube

The Kings Canyon After Dark mode features an older version of Kings Canyon. Players are already familiar with the terrain. Hotspots like Run Off, Airbase, Bunker, and The Pit surround Skull Town. High-tier loot is abundant in this region, which inspires high-octane rush gameplay. Skull Town itself was a popular landing spot, and often other teams would rotate in from the neighboring hot-drop locations.

This would lead to premature gunfights in a specific portion of the map. Perhaps the devs decided to bring more balance into the game by making meaningful changes. Meanwhile, those interested can check out the gameplay by iTemp Plays below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHcuciNATDo]
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