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Are Controller Players Dominating In Fortnite?- Tfue, Ninja and Aydan Give Their Verdicts

Are Controller Players Dominating In Fortnite?- Tfue, Ninja and Aydan Give Their Verdicts


Fortnite has witnessed a massive surge of controller players since last year. While few have stuck to keyboard and mouse, many competitive players have swapped to controllers, in a trend that keeps growing. As controller players keep dominating tournament lobbies, it has drawn severe criticisms from the pros and content creators who haven’t made the swap.

The problem isn’t playing on a controller on Xbox or PlayStation. It is players plugging in their controllers to a PC to reap the benefits of the overpowered aim-assist on 240Hz monitors. While on consoles, it seems a fair game, players like Tfue, Ninja, and SypherPK have deemed the controller aim-assist on PC as an aimbot of sorts. Thus, controller players profiting off the broken aspect has sparked an ever-lasting debate in the Fortnite community.

Tfue to quit Fortnite?

In recent weeks, streamers getting beamed in-game and complaining has become routine since it occurs so frequently. While streaming Week 2 of FNCS Solo Invitational, Tfue kept dying to opponents after they lasered him down to critically low HP. In one such scenario, after landing at The Grotto, an opponent instantly turns around and bursts him for 90 damage, eventually killing the pro.

Tfue responded, “There’s nothing I can do, man. Aim-assist just ruined this game. I can’t play it anymore.”. Chatting with his viewers, he added, “The only thing I’ve been good at in Fortnite is having good aim. Literally, everyone has a f***ing aim. There’s nothing I can do. The worst part is it’ll never ever get nerfed. Most unfair game I’ve ever played.”

Later, he took to Twitter to express his opinions.

Tfue also highlighted how all controller players are on top of the current FNCS leaderboards.

Ninja speaks about rallying for changes

Tournaments like the FNCS Invitational has been overwhelmed by controller players. This prompted the famed Mixer streamer to post a video message on Twitter, urging the community to come together to bring necessary changes. “It’s going to be up to credible, top competitive controller players who have a huge influence to reach out to Epic and be vocal about it and be honest about it. We, as a unit, want it to be more balanced.”

Controller aim-assist is performing way better when you’re on PC than it does on Xbox or PlayStation. You people have to be vocal about it, especially the players that are using it.” Ninja clarified that he is outlining the broken aim-assist for controllers on PC, not consoles.

If we get more people speaking up and being honest about it, we can actually get a nerf or a change and make it balanced and healthy,” he added.

He wants to see the community play and thrive together, and didn’t scrutinize players for switching to a controller. Epic’s approach and in-game mechanics have made the aim-assist too strong in the present scenario. “Controller players are amazing, incredible talents. I just want everyone to be happy, and I want the game to thrive,” Ninja concluded.

Aydan provides his take

Meanwhile, in Ninja’s Twitter video, he mentioned Aydan, who plays on a controller, for speaking about the aim-assist in its current state.

The Mixer streamer posted his video after he had reached out to the player for his honest opinions on the matter. Aydan also feels the aim-assist is overpowered. He highlighted what changes could be made to Epic’s systems to bring forward the possible changes.


Epic Games somewhat addressed the aim-assist issue for controllers plugged into PCs with their 12.50 update. However, it is evident they have not done enough as changes are not apparent. More and more pros have hung up the keyboard and mouse and picked up the sticks since Chapter 2’s inception. Without anything being done on the devs’ end, a portion of Fortnite’s player base is growing tired gradually.

For now, we can only hope for imminent nerfs for aim-assist so that our favorite pros stick to the game we all love. What are your opinions about the current aim-assist on Fortnite, and will Epic bring the necessary changes with Season 3? Let us know below.

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