“Aren’t We Done With Posting Cooking Videos” – Sania Mirza Lashes Out On Twitter

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Sania Mirza has been the backbone of the underdeveloped Indian tennis scene. Along with stars like Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi, she helped to give rise to the fledgeling infrastructure of tennis.

However, Mirza has been the only big female face from India to make a major impact. Not just India, she’s been a poster girl for tennis from the Asian continent for a very long time. Of course, this also meant that she was always an outsider in the European dominated game of tennis.

That came with its own deal of challenges. Even in the current Coronavirus crisis, Sania thinks that the tennis stars need to be cognizant of their privileged while effecting their online activities.

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What did Sania Mirza say?

Sania Mirza said that the attempts by celebrities to post their cooking pictures and activities gave a frightening sense of normalcy to the situation. There are people, especially in the third world countries, for whom this crisis has unfolded a new era of gargantuan problems.

“Aren’t we done with posting cooking videos and food pictures yet? Just spare a thought – there are hundreds of thousands of ppl, specially in our side of the world starving to death and struggling to find food once a day if they are lucky 🙏🏽P. “

There is actually a lot of sense in what Sania speaks. Of course, there’s a lot of bad that’s happened with the advent of coronavirus and we all need to be a little more sensitive in our online activities. We can’t afford to give the impression that the world only consists of upper-class people who can beat the quarantine with Netflix.

However, it is true that there are many who exist in abusive situations at home and social media can be a way of release. Nobody can dismiss their coping mechanism. What’s your opinion on this issue?

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