Arkane Reportedly Working on Undisclosed AAA Title Days after Microsoft Acquisition

September 23, 2020 8:23 pm

Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax Media Inc has been the talk of the town recently. The $7.5bn deal added 8 more studios to Xbox Game Studios’ arsenal, taking its tally up to 23. The likes of Arkane, Tango, and Bethesda are now a part of the Microsoft ecosystem. And from the looks of it, Arkane has already started working on an undisclosed AAA title.

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Arkane is the creator of the critically acclaimed Dishonoured title. The game underperformed initially, but fans soon recognized its potential and it quickly became a cult favorite. The game was an excellent example of the depth and quality that Arkane brings to the table with its stunning artwork and vivid gameplay experience.

The studio is currently working on Deathloop, an upcoming timed exclusive for PlayStation that shares a striking similarity to Dishonoured.

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Interestingly, a job listing on Arkane’s website suggests that the team is already working on a new AAA title. Twitter handle named Xbox News announced this on Twitter and brought it to everyone’s attention.

Arkane is Developing an undisclosed AAA title after Microsoft acquisition

The job listing on the website reads, “To expand its programming team and strengthen its internal technology, Arkane studios Lyon is seeking talented Engine Programmers to join us for a new unannounced project. These positions are opened to different levels of expertise, from industry veterans to less experienced candidates.”

This is quite an interesting development, and it comes at a time when Arkane’s received all the resources it needs from Microsoft. That is one of the biggest advantages of working under a money-making tech giant: unlimited resources. The deal is shaping up to be fruitful for both the studio and Microsoft, as it will likely bear great results for both the parties.

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Moreover, it was the timing of the deal that made all the difference. The ‘console war’ is at its peak right now, and both Sony and Microsoft have made their moves. But this announcement by Microsoft gives them a huge advantage in its bid to promote its Xbox Game Pass and xCloud services.

Nevertheless, Arkane is definitely planning something special for the fans, but there is no information about the project whatsoever. It could be an entirely new title or even a new Dishonoured title. The possibilities are endless, and with Microsoft’s backing, it is only going to be spectacular.

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