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Arsenal look to sign Barcelona’s Pedro Rodriguez

Arsenal look to sign Barcelona’s Pedro Rodriguez

Arsenal is on the lookout for a striker and  they seem interested in the Barcelona striker Pedro Rodriguez as a possible replacement.

According to rumours, the North London club have apparently contacted the player and are looking at the possibilities of a clean deal with the La Liga club. Although the player has signed a new contract with the Catalans which is valid until 2019, he is doubtful of his future prospects at the club and would like to seek more playing time elsewhere.

It is understood that Barcelona recently updated the player’s buy-out value, close to  a whopping £110 million, although this might just be a pawn to ensure more sale value in case he leaves the club.

He had a decent season last time with the Catalans as he scored 11 goals and helped his club win the La Liga, which is his 5th yet. But his value was overshadowed by the amazing trio of Suarez, Neymar and Messi in the 2014/15 campaign.

The 27-year-old has also been linked with Liverpool, but it’s a rare chance for that to occur as Arsenal are at a better monetary position at the moment, and it would require a decent portion of their sums to bring in Pedro.

Giroud has had a decent last season, being consistent, but the lookout for a complete forward has never stopped for Arsene Wenger, and Pedro has the experience, flair and technique required for the Club to give a title challenge next year.

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