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Arsenal VS Manchester United: Key Battles

Arsenal VS Manchester United: Key Battles

Arsenal vs Manchester United

Manchester United vs Arsenal is always a high caliber clash. There is always a lot at stake when the two Premier League giants meet, and their match this weekend is no different. While United have a chance to cement their position at top of the table, Arsene Wenger will have other plans for the visitors from Manchester. Let’s have a look at the top individual battles which will decide which way this match will go.


  1. Ozil VS Schweinsteiger

It will be the battles of the two German midfielders. One from the younger breed of the world class players that the European country produce and other the veteran. The way Shweinsteiger has settled into the team proves his class again and it will be his responsibility to keep his compatriot at bay. Ozil’s vision could be a problem for any team and it will interesting to see if Bastian will be able to keep it in check.

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