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Ben Stokes Lashes out at British Media for Revealing His Family Tragedy

Ben Stokes Lashes out at British Media for Revealing His Family Tragedy

Ben Stokes

England all-rounder Ben Stokes is one of the most popular and loved cricketer in England at present. The reason is known to all. He was the backbone for England in their historic World Cup win. His stunning century in Headingley took England over the finish in the third Test. However, the things were always not good for him and his parents as a terrifying incident left them struggling to move on.

However, Ben Stokes’ half-brother and sister were shot dead before his birth. According to The Sun, Stokes’ mum Deb’s two children Tracey (eight) and Andrew (four), were killed by her ex Richard Dunn in 1988 ahead of Ben’s birth. Although, Stokes has never spoken about the murder in front of everyone.

According to the further report, Stokes’ birth helped Deb move on from the horrible tragedy. Stokes’ mother is very attached to him and has been following her son’s career in every step of the way from his moving from amateur side Cockermouth to Durham and then to England.

“Ben was born at a time of terrible tragedy. Deb was enduring every parents’ worst possible nightmare and his arrival gave her something to live for,” a source told the news outlet. “It’s incredible that he’s achieved so much as a cricketer and made her so proud.”

Ben Stokes
Ben Stokes. © Reuters / Paul Childs Livepic

Jacqui Dunn, another daughter of Richard from his previous relationship, revealed for the very first time that a “traumatised” Deb had kicked the coffin at the killer’s funeral. However, she further shared that her dad became obsessed with the idea that he wouldn’t be allowed to see the children.

“I couldn’t believe Dad would do such a thing. It was just horrible. Deb was so angry and traumatised she kicked the coffin at his funeral and I’ve never seen or heard from her since. And I had absolutely no idea she’s had another son who became an England cricket star,” she expressed.

On the other hand, Deb’s friends shared he went to kill the children at his flat in Christchurch, New Zealand when Deb was at work and after some times, the dead bodies were found.

Although this thing didn’t go well with Ben Stokes who shared a heartfelt tweet, saying, “Today the Sun has seen fit to publish extremely painful, sensitive and personal details concerning events in the private lives of my family, going back more than 31 years.”

“It is hard to find words that adequately describe such low and despicable behaviour, disguised as journalism. I cannot conceive of anything more immoral, heartless or contemptuous to the feelings and circumstances of my family,” he further added.

Stokes even criticised the article as “the lowest form of journalism, focused only on chasing sales”, and asked everyone to respect his family’s privacy as well.

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