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Ashes key players analysis: Joe Root vs Steven Smith

Ashes key players analysis: Joe Root vs Steven Smith

The mother of all Test battles is just a couple of days away! The historic Ashes Test series which is anticipated by millions of cricket fans all over the world is about to unleash yet again. Both the teams, England and Australia, are entering the series with some good cricket played in the past and there is a crunch series awaiting everybody.

This year’s Ashes series will witness many young players who are coming in with some impressive performances under their belt. But there are few players who might just steal the show and seal the game for their country single-handedly. Essentially Sports brings to your the analysis of two such Ashes key players, Joe Root from England and Steven Smith from Australia.

Undoubtedly, these two are the best batsmen for their respective countries and they would be the ones to watch out for. Young, fiery guns, as they both are, they can rip apart the opponent bowlers if not dismissed early on.

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