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Ashwin: Harbhajan and I are different bowlers

Ashwin: Harbhajan and I are different bowlers

There is a strong possibility that Ravichandran Ashwin and the turbanator Harbhajan Singh will bowl together in the upcoming series against their subcontinent counterparts Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka. With spinner-friendly wickets likely to be offered, two spinners are bound to be in the playing XI and with no other spinner knocking the door presently, Harbhajan and Ashwin are the likely choices.

Harbhajan was India’s No. 1 spinner in the previous decade and it is Ashwin who has taken over the role in this decade. When Ashwin was asked about how he is planning to bowl alongside Harbhajan, Ashwin said, “I can plan for my opposition and not for my partner. He is an experienced bowler and knows what he is doing.”

Ashwin is very respectful of his senior who is making a comeback in the team and believes that though they both are off-spinners, their strengths are very different. “He has his strengths and we are very different bowlers. I will try to do my job and that’s what I can offer to the team,” Ashwin cut the discussion short.

The tour to Sri Lanka will be Ashwin’s first tour to the island nation. He is excited to bowl against Kumar Sangakkara who will retire during the series. “He is a legend. Sanga puts a high price on his wicket and it’s as simple as that. When you get Sanga out once, he ensures he doesn’t give you his wicket again. If I get his wicket, I will call you and say that was what I was looking for,” the spinner said, laughing.

Ashwin hasn’t yet spoken to his former Chennai Super Kings team mate about the conditions and how to go about Sri Lanka, but he said that he won’t mind doing that. “It will be good to have a chat with him if I get the chance,” Ashwin said. The 28-year-old is not going to Sri Lanka with the hope that there will be turners on offer. “You can’t go with preconceived notions on how the wickets are going to be. Everybody says spinners will play a big part, but we don’t really know. I would say that I would be happy to play a big part.” He watched Pakistan against Sri Lanka & felt that the wickets will probably have a bit of bounce.

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