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Ashwin Picks Up Injury on Eve of Final, India On Edge

Ashwin Picks Up Injury on Eve of Final, India On Edge

In a practice session before the ICC Champions Trophy final, the Indian Cricket team were dealt a scar as spin wizard Ravichandran Ashwin suffered a knee injury. The severity of the injury is unknown but according to journalist Jarrod Kimber, it seemed relatively minor because half an hour later, Ashwin was back at it again. He had previously missed nearly the whole of the IPL tournament this year and sat out of the first two matches of the Champions Trophy.

R Ashwin

The Incident

Fielding coach R Sridhar was giving the team catching practice at the time when Ashwin took a catch by fell on his knee in the process. He was taken off and had an ice pack applied to his knee. Half an hour later, after a small warm up, he was back at the nets again.

Plan B

Although the injury seems minor, the team would possibly have to call up Umesh Yadav in the event that Ashwin is unfit. Fortunately for them, the spinner didn’t seem to be in too much discomfort after receiving treatment.

Ashwin had previously suffered from a sports hernia which ruled him out of the equation for 2 months. Ahead of the high-profile match against arch-rivals Pakistan, each and every player must be fighting fit.

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