Assessment: Is Ravi Shastri’s Appointment As Head Coach The Right Move

July 15, 2017 1:17 am

The enigma behind Indian coach selection might have been revolving around its extremity along with the revelation of Anil Kumble’s successor, Ravi Shastri who was the former Indian all rounder as well as team director but this is not the settlor of all the clouds of dust in this area. Shastri did have an upper hand among all the applicants while his selection took place but post his election only one school of thoughts seems to be in his favour that expanded his platter through genuinely considering him the man who can perfectly resonate with the tone of Superstar Virat Kohli for India’s triumphant stroll in the imminent challenges. With the passage of time, a dubious ambience seems to be floored in regards to the extension of Shastri’s role play as a head coach, while on the other end his predecessor was pretty hands-on. Following the head coach, we have witnessed a beefed up supporting staff along with the inclusion of Zaheer Khan (bowling consultant) and Rahul Dravid (overseas batting consultant).

Hence will Shastri’s appointment serve as a soothing balm over the heartburn Kohli Kumble saga or does this appointment bereft of cricketing dialectism crop up to be the one that will lead the side towards a downward slide?


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Even after the setbacks of Kohli Kumble ilk, this side has prevailed its great shape in the eyes of world cricket. Hence it’s obvious that they can easily ill afford the above setback and paint a new refurbished Indian side. Apart from that, Kohli and his co. have to evaluate their strolled journey so far which these days despite their outstanding feats achieved is now being looked at with an increasing level of negativity. They must consider that their another setback could easily push Indian cricket back by years.

Shastri may not possess the best credentials as a head coach but his pep talks and positive comments are something Virat Kohli and his side is eagerly eyeing for. His presence in the dug out could turn out to be a booster as he would be a confidante for the entire team. Remember when Shastri pumped up a recently-returned Suresh Raina to score a match-winning ODI hundred in Cardiff? That’s the kind of impact Shastri can have on his side.

Last year during his tenure as a team director he showed his belief that everyone should wait and watch as this team would transform themselves into a ‘gun’ side soon enough. With the shoulder support of Zaheer Khan and Rahul Dravid, he has a lot to work wonders for the technical side. And recently considering India’s cricketing performance it can easily be comprehended that India has already reached to their ‘gun’ stage and with Shastri &co. in the side this could reach to its unprecedented level I hope.


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His head coaching stint is about to kick off but before its beginning, he had a question mark hanging over his framework. With the support of batting consultant Rahul Dravid and bowling consultant Zaheer Khan his coaching expertise already witnessed a shorter format to explore. Not only that but having a full-time batting coach in the name of Sanjay Bangar and fielding coach R Sridhar, this former all rounder has nothing left to take up as his and his duty alone. Hence it would be a good move if Shastri would have been appointed as the ‘Team Director’ once again, leaving India with the risk of being coach-less.

There are already some gleaming testimonials back from his previous stint as Team Director. Last time he had been highly applauded for his positivity, energy and pep-talks after a gloomy Test series defeat during the England tour in 2014. But as a head coach there would definitely be higher responsibilities lying on his part and along with the brimming supporting staff, there is much likely to have the complication of strategies as several views and opinions are expected to be voiced within the dressing room.

Another key cropping up to the corner is how much of how much of the work-ethics imbibed by his predecessor Anil Kumble will Shastri carry forward? During Kumble’s era, he had already introduced the most important move of his in which any player willing to come back to the national side has to prove his form and fitness in the domestic circuit even if he had an injury layoff. Is there would be any further stress on the importance of player’s fitness? Only time will tell.

Most importantly, during the stint of Kumble India might have a taste of small amount of success and on the other end comparing Kumble’s stint with Shastri’s last year reign he (Shastri) might have a great impact on team while especially the side is in trouble and in need of a perfect tonic but can all that be translated into continuity in terms of success? Highly doubtful.

Ranojoy Middya

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