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ATP Cup 2020: New Rules And Additions

ATP Cup 2020: New Rules And Additions

The ATP Cup is a significant evolution that seeks to keep tennis fresh for the fans. By providing fresh new permutations and combinations of teammates and competitors, the event will look to shake things up.

However, the new innovations announced by the competition give the view that it also wants to bring about changes in the way that the game is played. Let’s have a look at some of the innovative rules announced by the ATP Cup.

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What’s Special About The Innovations?

  • Team Zones

The competition will introduce team zones to do away with the traditional player benches. The captain, teammates and coaches will be present in these team zones. It will have cutting edge technology as the team can use real-time, statistics, data, insights and match vision.

In addition, each team zone can access ATP‘s second screen, an advanced platform providing player and ball tracking data in real-time.

This provides numerous advantages as not only can the strategy be revisited during the match, but pointers can be made for post-match analysis.

  • Video Review

This will enable a greater degree of interaction between chair umpires and VR operators to minimize mistakes. The menagerie of equipment will include six new and dedicated foot fault cameras.

Some contentious officiating decisions such as double bounces, foul shots, touches or invasion will be more closely monitored. ATP Cup will become the first FedEx ATP rankings event in history to use VR.

  • Prize Money

The ATP Cup is offering a record prize money of USD $15 million. Interestingly, this also includes a participation fee and prize money for both individual and tie victories. The ATP Cup is offering more prize money than any other ATP event on the calendar.

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  • On-Court Coaching

On-court coaching is allowed for the team captain and competing players’ individual coaches. Fellow team members will also provide their two cents during changeovers.

What Are The Other Innovations On Offer?

Other innovations include an LED integrated umpires chair. The on-court audience will have a surreal experience because of full-court LED screens.

However, what’s there on offer for the players. Well, 758 FedEx ATP Ranking points are up for grabs for a player who’s undefeated in all the matches.

For audiences at home, state of the art production will be used to provide valuable behind the scenes footage that will unbox the strategy, while also providing some comic relief.

When Does The Cup Start?

The ATP Cup will kickoff from 3rd January from the three Australian cities of Brisbane, Perth and Sydney.

Are you excited about the new innovations being announced in the ATP Cup?

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