ATP Cup 2020: What are the Rules and Points Distribution?

The ATP Cup 2020 is all set to kick off from 3rd January across three Australian cities. The 19 qualified countries were assigned to one of the six groups following the official tournament draw at the Sydney Opera House on Monday. While the remaining five teams will be declared on 13th November, based on the rankings of their top singles players.


A minimum of three players, including two players with ATP ranking points, is required for a country to be eligible to qualify. A country can have a maximum of five players. However, if a team has five players then at least three players should have an ATP Singles ranking and if a team has less than five players then they must have at least two players with an ATP Singles ranking.

The teams will face in ties which includes two singles match and one doubles match. The match between the No. 2 ranked player of each team will play the first match, followed by the No.1 ranked player of the team, and the doubles match closing the tie.

The team winning two matches wins the tie. Every team will be guaranteed to play three matches in the group stages. The singles will be played in the best-of-three tiebreak sets format. While the doubles will feature no advantage scoring and a tiebreaker will be played instead of a third set.

All doubles matches will be played regardless of whether the tie is decided after the two singles match. The winner from each group will be joined by the two best second places in the quarterfinals of the tournament for knock-out rounds.

The team captain will decide which players will play doubles. While, for the singles match, protected ranking on the ATP site will be considered the official ranking for line-up position. Also, on-court coaching will be permitted by the team captain, the competing player’s individual coach or fellow player team members. Coaching advice will not be limited during the changeovers and set breaks. However, it shall not hamper with the speed of play.


The ATP Cup 2020 will start from 3rd January and will conclude on the 12th of the same month. The group stages of the tournament will be hosted across three cities – Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth – over six days. The four-day knockout stages – quarterfinals over 2 days, semi-finals and final will be played in Sydney.

There will be a day session and an evening session each day at every venue. The matches will commence at 10 am local time, starting with the No. 2 players in each tie, followed by the No. 1 players, with the doubles to follow.


All the player participating at the ten-day event has the opportunity to earn ATP ranking points. A player who plays and wins all the possible singles matches at the ATP Cup 2020 could earn 750 ATP Rankings points. While a player who plays and wins all the possible doubles matches can earn 250 ATP Rankings points.

The ATP Rankings points will be awarded for each match win in every round and the amount of rankings points will depend on the ranking of the opponent and the round of the result. On the other hand, ATP Doubles Rankings points will also be awarded for a match win in each round. However, the points awarded will not depend on the ranking of the opponents or the round of the result.

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