Reilly Opelka Takes a Cheeky Dig at Tennis Authorities For Poor Communication

By 3 months ago

Back in the month of June, the tennis tour excited the tennis fans by announcing the relaunch of the tennis circuit in mid-August. However, with the unplayable situations in the US, the first resumption tournament the Citi Open has been called off.

After it was officially canceled, tennis players were not personally informed about it. Rather they got to know via social media chiefly through Twitter.

Leading to the same, American World Number 39 Reilly Opelka took a cheeky dig at tennis bodies and taunted them by tweeting: “I wonder if athletes in other sports use twitter for schedule updates because that’s the only way us players hear any updates.”

Opelka did not really receive the news via a first-hand source, rather he discovered it by Jon Wertheim’s tweet, who is the executive editor of Sports Illustrated Media Franchise.

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Tennis players getting to know the news from social media

Also, when French Open 2020 was initially postponed, all players received the news via Twitter. The official Twitter account of Roland Garros communicated the news and the tennis professionals were shocked.

Following the same, back then former French Open champion Stan Wawrinka reacted, “I always knew,” wherein he was referring to tennis news being first broken on Twitter and players getting the information via social media.

Any major news regarding the tennis world breaks out on social media, Twitter to be more precise. The authorities do not really have a system to communicate with the professionals. In a nutshell, their communication is highly transparent.

Despite Citi Open’s cancelation, US Open has no plans of canceling this year’s event. They are stubborn about going ahead with their plan and irrespective of the unplayable situations. Many players have shown their resistance towards the tournament, also most of them have begun their training sessions on the clay, and are more inclined towards the events in Europe.

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