Bizarre Scenes Unfold at Indian Wells as Russian Star Daniil Medvedev Threatens to ‘Pee’ His Frustration Out to Chair Umpire

Published 03/13/2023, 1:00 AM EDT

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We are all quite aware of Daniil Medvedev‘s dislike for the clay court. A major reason for it is that it is extremely slow. He has never hidden his dislike for it and, once again, he has found an innovative way to argue with the chair umpire. This time, it wasn’t at a clay court event, but at Indian Wells. The speed of the match did not sit well with the Russian tennis star, and that made him come back with a sarcastic remark to the chair umpire.

Medvedev is infamous for his on-court outbursts, but this one turned out to be more hilarious than a serious one.

Daniil Medvedev lashes out at the chair umpire at Indian Wells with a sarcastic remark


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The Russian player is one of those ATP stars who are not good at hiding their emotions on the court. And the slow pace of the match on a hard court was triggering for him, as he lashed out at the chair umpire.

However, what was supposed to be a frustrated comment turned out to be a sarcastic one. And though, definitely not intended, the remark turned out to be hilarious too.

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Medvedev was playing against Ivashka at the Indian Wells, and though he turned out victorious, the speed of the match got on his nerves. The major characteristic of a hard court is its speed, which the Indian Wells’ hard court was lacking. So, when Medvedev got a bathroom break, he taunted the chair umpire with, “I’m gonna pee as slow as this court. The court is slow so I go slow.”

And the chair umpire, Lahyani tried reasoning out with him by saying, “You have to accept this, you’re professional.” Turned out, Medvedev was not in the mood. He came back with a strong reply and stated,I don’t accept this. They say on the fact sheet this is hard courts. This is not hard courts.”

Though he walked out triumphantly from the match, it was indeed a tricky one for the Russian player.


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What is it like to play at Indian Wells?

Medvedev understood how difficult it can get for the player to change the pace of the game. And the players have struggled at Indian Wells. And so did Medvedev, even if it was for a little period. 


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During the press conference, he stated, “I feel like there are, let’s say, 10 players that have the quality, I will not say which one, but to play good here because they have something in their game that can help them. Other than that everyone is struggling.”

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But he continues to keep his morale high. He is scheduled to meet Alexander Zverev in the next round of the Indian Wells.



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