Carlos Moya Dismisses Rumors Regarding Rafael Nadal Taking Help of a Psychologist for Mental Strength

November 30, 2020 9:30 pm

Tennis is considered an individual sport. Along the course of a tennis match, the situation of a match can change in either players’ favor. Besides being able to serve and strike the ball, there are many factors that decide the outcome of the match. In tennis, Rafael Nadal is considered as ‘the greatest fighter’ the sport has ever seen, right from its time of inception. 

People often mistake sports and treat it as a recreational activity. However, that is not the case when it comes to sports being played at a professional level. As far as an individual sport is concerned, players can lose focus, and before he/she can regroup and gather their thoughts, the match has already slipped away. Being mentally strong during such instances often helps a professional player overcome ‘mental weaknesses’. Rafa is one such character. 

Tennis – French Open – Roland Garros, Paris, France – October 11, 2020 Spain’s Rafael Nadal celebrates with coach Carlos Moya and team after winning the French Open final against Serbia’s Novak Djokovic REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

Carlos Moya: Rafael Nadal has never seen a psychologist

Nowadays, players across various sports take the help of psychologists to build their mental strength. Coach Carlos Moya recently spoke about whether Nadal has ever required the help of a psychologist. Moya said, “What I do have to say is that since I’ve been with Rafa and without knowing if he has resorted to them before, I have never seen him need this kind of help… I can assure you that what he does in times of stress he has not learned anywhere. Nor has he read it or been taught by a psychologist.

(Quotes have been translated)

Having said that, there are players who do require the help of these experts. Every individual is different. People might be good in certain departments, but lack skill in others.

Citing these factors, Moya further added, “It is also true that it depends on each player. There are those who have a stronger need in this sense, more insecurities, or directly that they see something more necessary. It is a figure that, depending on the player, can have greater or lesser importance because in this sport the head plays a very important role.”

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Reflecting on Moya’s words, the world has seen what Rafa has done over the years. The Spaniard’s ability to bounce back and overturn results in his favor has been spoken about at length. 

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