Chess-Master Daniil Medvedev Makes It Physical as His Gruesome Move Brings Novak Djokovic Down in Exhausting US Open Final Battle

Published 09/10/2023, 6:18 PM EDT

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In the intense setting of the US Open finals, tennis fans are being treated to a heart-pounding match that has everyone on the edge of their seats. Two of the world’s top tennis players, Novak Djokovic and Daniil Medvedev, face off in a contest that has already exceeded all expectations. It is also certainly testing their physical limits.

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Even though the score favored Djokovic at 6-3, 3-3, what unfolded on the court was nothing short of incredible: an astounding 31-shot rally that left Djokovic exhausted and lying on the court, trying to catch his breath. The US Open finals had just unleashed a tennis thriller for the ages.

Fans react to the tiring long rally between Novak Djokovic and Daniil Medvedev


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Djokovic took an early lead in the game with a clever drop shot, but Medvedev fought back and went ahead at 40-15. However, a couple of mistakes from Medvedev leveled the game at deuce. Djokovic had a chance to break Medvedev’s serve, but the Russian player saved it with a wide serve and an excellent forehand volley. A long and tiring rally ended with Djokovic making an unforced error, giving Medvedev a game point. The marathon 31-shot rally that followed saw Djokovic lying on the court, trying to catch his breath.

As the drama unfolded on the court, Twitter erupted with passionate reactions from fans and tennis enthusiasts:


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Renowned tennis journalist Bastien Fachan shared a collage of the match pressure getting to Djokovic.

US Open 2023 winner Coco Gauff’s coach, Brad Gilbert added, “Very physical last few points. Can Meddy bear 🐻 make progress on Djoker’s serv game?”

A fan shared their opinion with passion, “Being aggressive doesn’t work for Daniil. He isn’t as complete a player as Novak. Doesn’t have the same variety. This set is his wheelhouse though the way it’s gone. Huge set.”

Another fan shared, “Medvedev wins 31 shot rally sending Djokovic to the court. #USOpen”

Yet another fan stated, “I’m so impossibly tired watching this lol.”

The intense rally not only drained Djokovic and Medvedev physically but also showcased their mental and physical strength required to compete at the highest level of tennis.

Long rallies at US Open finals


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Things got even more intense when a 28-shot rally left Djokovic visibly tired, and he lost the point to Medvedev’s forehand volley winner, bringing the game to a tie at deuce. Djokovic seemed exhausted, and it was clear he was feeling the strain of the match. This set has seen quite a few 20+ shot rallies, which is tiring both players a lot.

Medvedev had a chance to take advantage of Djokovic’s fatigue after Djokovic’s weak second serve, but he missed his return. However, Djokovic’s second double fault in the game brought it back to deuce. This led to another incredibly long game that tested the players’ stamina. Djokovic fought hard, saving his first break point with a fantastic forehand volley winner and then managing to win three straight points at the net to hold the game. Djokovic while seems fatigued has somehow managing to summon immense agility and fighting back to win his second straight set.

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With the match now in the 2nd set favoring in Djokovic’s side, who do you think will prevail at the Arthur Ashe Stadium tonight?

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