Did Daniil Medvedev’s Parents Fake Medical Certificates to Further His Tennis Ambitions?

Published 01/28/2024, 12:41 AM EST

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While amassing 20 ATP singles titles, including a Grand Slam, Daniil Medvedev has also reached the world No. 1 ranking during his competitive journey. He has undoubtedly established himself as one of the household figures on the men’s tour. However, the Russian tennis player’s remarkable success isn’t the fruit of his labor alone.
Toiling behind the ATP superstar since his childhood have been his parents, Olga and Sergey Medvedev, who sacrificed, starting from the point where they went above and beyond to support their son to pursue his passion for the sport. From hiding his tennis forte from his school to faking medical certificates, the 2021 US Open champion’s parents have done it all to further his tennis ambitions.

Daniil Medvedev got unwavering support from his parents that he needed to become a tennis pro

In an interview with Sport-Express, the Russian tennis player’s mother revealed how they faced a lot of struggle to give her son proper coaching. While talking about her son’s childhood, Olga said, “It was difficult because everything happened quickly.” She went on to share details of Daniil Medvedev’s outstanding academic performance at his school as he was diligently keeping up with various endeavors.

Olga stated, “You had to stay with him. He studied at the high-school math, he did well. He was also playing other sports like swimming in order to stay fit. We also went to music, art, drawing. At the same time, he started speaking English and French.” Medvedev’s mom also disclosed that her son’s tennis coaching and participation in tournaments were to be kept under wraps as he attended a ‘serious’ school.

In order to allow their kid to go and compete in a tournament, Olga and Sergey even had medical certificates falsified. Olga said, “At school, we did not say he was in sports because that was a serious school. If he had to travel to play a tournament, we were going to the doctor in order to get a medical certificate.”

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From cooking to making various calls for travel and accommodation, the former Grand Slam champion’s mother continued by revealing how she organized all such things. She said, “We had to organize all those things. So while he was at school or training, I had to cook something and make thousands of calls in many different places, getting visas, book a hotel and buy tickets.”

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